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Six levels of energy efficiency - - - - - - - 12 v2a power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-07
Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic power supply voltage transformation equipment, mainly used for security monitoring, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a router, robot, intelligent household power supply device. Shenzhen electronic new SK03T & ndash; 12 v2a power adapter, airframe adopt heat resistance fire PC material, volume is small and exquisite, fashion; The adapter higher safety coefficient, meet VI standard of energy efficiency, low standby power consumption and energy conservation and environmental protection; Built-in over current, over voltage, short circuit, leakage protection circuit. The appearance of the power supply with a standard black and white color, it looks pretty simple and relaxed; Design for the elliptical shape, edge horn does not have edges and corners rounded; Ultrasonic bonding wire shells using hidden design, ultrasonic connect joint about 0. Less than 1 mm, the minimum 0 than traditional power supply. 3 mm ultrasonic line is negligible, the overall work very well.
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