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\"slim and light\" power adaptor wins \"good design award\".

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-11
ChargeSource \"light and thin\" universal power adapter designed for Lenovo ThinkPad laptop won the \"Good Design\" award.
ChargeSource Lenovo ThinkPad 90w ultra-thin AC/DC Combo Adapter is the only accessory to receive the excellent design award awarded annually by the Japan Industrial design promotion organization.
The \"excellent design\" reward plan set up by Seagate Department (NASDAQ:STX)
Scotland Valley, California.
The \"good design\" award program, established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1958, was announced, which commended industrial design, architecture, environment and communications.
Evaluate the product according to \"good design selection system.
\"Rewards are based on the ingenuity and technological advances and benefits that products bring to everyday life.
Sam Inman, President and CEO of Comarco, said: \"It\'s a great honor that the \'thinke\' ChargeSource adapter has received such an important award . \".
\"This is a very prestigious award in Japan, and for our products, this is a major recognition of the technical expertise and innovation that Comarco and Lenovo team work closely together in their development process.
\"I am very proud to have won this design award,\" said Fran sullivan, senior vice president of Lenovo products group . \".
\"This is the result of a huge partnership between Lenovo and Comarco.
This product is a real innovation, with its slim platform and the ability to charge laptops and other electronic devices, such as mobile phones and mp3, at the same time.
\"The ChargeSource adapter is currently an accessory for the Lenovo laptop range.
It adopts a modular design of thin and light.
In early 2008, Comarco began shipping \"light\" ChargeSource adapters to Lenovo.
The company recently announced that it has won Lenovo\'s next business.
Optimized ChargeSource \"light and thin\" universal power adapter.
Lenovo\'s new adapter is scheduled to start shipping in the second quarter of the 2009 calendar.
Based on proprietary patented building technology, the Comarco external power adapter is capable of producing lighter and smaller power supplies, powering and charging portable electronic devices from standard wall sockets, and power outlets in airplanes, cars and other vehicles.
The unique feature of the Comarco power adapter product is that the output voltage can automatically change between 0 and 25 volts, allowing charging of low-voltage phones and high-voltage laptops.
About Comarco, based in Lake Forest, California
Comarco is the leading provider of innovative mobile power solutions through its ChargeSource (R)line of multi-
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