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Stroke - QC3。 0 quick charge

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-04
As the power industry renowned manufacturers, electronic, as always, committed to the safety, high efficiency, energy saving of power supply products, in Rio during the Olympic Games with Chinese athletes, pioneered the new QC3. 0 quick charge ( Product model SKQC3) 。 QC 3。 0 quick charge is the latest generation of qualcomm mainly for mobile phone quick charge standard, with a large number of carrying qualcomm phone mobile devices such as listing, SOC QC3. 0 technology also gradually becomes widespread, currently supported QC3. 5 0 phone models are millet, LG G5, gionee S8, HP Elite x3, HTC One A9, vivo Xplay5, OPPO R9, huawei P9, samsung S7 and so on. Compared with the ordinary charger QC2 and former generations. 0,QC3。 0 with allows devices to freely adjust charging voltage of the properties, greatly optimize the charging efficiency and reduce the heat and wear and tear. The QC3. 0 quick charge, the shell adopts the high quality PC material to add highlights processing, achieve good drop effect. Internal electronic components including main control IC, SMD capacitor, diode are all made of well-known brands at home and abroad. Label laser carving technology on nameplate, replaced the traditional sticker, let the product appearance is more delicate, product size is small, easy to carry. Company has its own injection molding department, laboratory, laser engraving machine, lead-free wave soldering, aging room, strictly control the production of each link, leading peer introduced automatic production line, greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, make our products more price advantage. Believe that this distinct advantage QC3. 0 quick charge products listed, will once again in the power industry, caused uproar, electronic will win more customers recognized!
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