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Surplus Auctions - How To Get A Cheap Used Laptop For Personal Use Or Re-Selling

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-20
I always like to go regularly to the local remaining auctions held by colleges and universities in the area.You will find tables, filing cabinets and random sorting...Garbage, but I always stare at the used laptops that go into the auction.
Many of them are fine, or have minor cosmetic flaws that don\'t affect performance or use.Now, some laptops may enter the auction because they damage or lose parts such as hard drives, RAM, batteries, etc...Those parts that just lack parts such as batteries, hard drives and power adapters can be bought at a fairly low price and can be refurbished by replacing parts for them on eBay.
If you are thinking of buying a used laptop from the remaining auction, when buying a laptop in the auction, one thing you need to make sure is to know what you are bidding.If the auction you are going to hold sets aside a day for the items in the auction, in any case, it will take some time to go there and check the contents of the auction.Some laptops may not have a power adapter but may be in good condition.
If the battery is not installed, or the battery inside is not charged, or if it is dead as a door pin, you cannot start it to see if there is any problem with the display, such as dead pixels, or boot into the BIOS settings menu and at least see the speed and speed of the processor otherwise the RAM will be installed in the device.If the laptop or laptop you want to bid for is not powered on due to lack of charging and no available laptop power adapter, you are still interested in snapping them up, then at least you should write down the model (for example: Dell XPS M1330) and look for the specifications of the model, such as: CPU type and speed, number and type of RAM, hard disk size and speed, etc...Keep in mind that there may be many different configurations for some models of laptops, but you\'ll at least know what you might be bidding.
Unless you remove the laptop very conveniently and reassemble it, the things to avoid include a laptop with a broken hinge, a shell or a case and/or a cracked screen.Things that are not necessarily de-vandals lose power adapters and batteries because they can be easily replaced at low cost.For example, I recently bought a Dell Latitude D430 laptop as a beating machine so I can leave my MacBook at home.
I bid $45.
It comes with an extended battery that remains charged, but it does not come with a power adapter.$7, free shipping later. Within 5 days of the auction, I delivered a power adapter for it.It works fine with LXLE (a flavor of Linux) and is great for OpenOffice.
Organizations used to write papers, do classroom assignments on the Internet, and browse the internet.If I lose it or if life changes (water drops or liquid spills) my salary is less than $60.It only needs a charger and a small TLC (gentle care) to clean it up.
Another example is that at the same auction I purchased a Dell XPS M1330 for my parents for $75 and installed Windows 7 on it.It doesn\'t lose any parts except the power adapter, which is actually the same as the one used by the Dell Latitude D430.So I ordered another adapter at the same time.
This may be destroyed first by siblings before the battery or hard drive fails.Now, I \'ve seen quite a few ridiculous bids from five MacBook professionals, like a group or a lot, with the most missing batteries, hard drives, and bundled boot, over $1,000.I believe whoever bought them has the resources and cash flow to renovate them and then resell them for $400 to $500 or more.
I was very happy with the MacBook white unibody at the beginning of 2009 and I got $100 from one of the auctions, below the price I got on eBay.It runs snow leopard like a champion and can run Mac OS 10.Although more RAM will definitely make it faster, Yosemite is decent.
Whenever a used laptop is received, whether from the rest of the auction or elsewhere, it\'s always a good idea to give it a good wipe to remove finger print oil, grease, dust, dirt and dirt.This is also useful for your own laptop.You can do this with just some material.Goo-Mr.When buying a laptop from the remaining auction, many times, there may be one or more stickers placed on the laptop for auction, such as stickers used to display the batch number, or is the hard disk of the laptop removed or installed clean, or is the operating system such as Linux installed.These stickers can be difficult to remove and can be easily torn when trying to remove them.
Try to peel the sticker from the corner and pull it up from a 45 to 90 degree angle to minimize the tear of the sticker, allowing you to remove more and leave less for the first time.Any part of the sticker that is torn and glued to the laptop body or shell can be softened and easily removed with a little rubbing alcohol and cloth or stubborn sticker glueTo soften and relax the rest of gunk and wipe it off.For wear marks and general dirt on the outside of the laptop, such as the back, bottom and side edges of the screen, a soft cloth wet with a little water can remove most of the surface dirt and stains.
For the exhaust port of the fan, I took a can of compressed gas dust collector and blew it to where the fan is located to remove any accumulated dust.Don\'t be shocked if a cloud of dust flies back.This will actually help the fan last longer and do a better job of keeping the CPU cool.
For the keyboard, I blow up the gas dust collector under the keys, remove any dust, hair and possible food debris, and vacuum the debris with a vacuum cleaner.Next, I wiped the keyboard and trackpad with disinfection, just like Clorox did.If not all the finger oil and other stains, this will remove most of them.
If there is a lot of accumulated oil in the trackpad area, please use a slightly damp MrWipe the Magic Eraser several times.When you finish, you will know that it will no longer shine.For the screen itself, you can clean it up with a little white vinegar and micro-fiber cloth.
This will eliminate fingerprints, dust and stains on the screen and will not damage the display.Now that we \'ve cleaned up the laptop outside, let\'s work under the hood!If you don\'t have a power adapter on your laptop, then we\'ll want one first.If there is one in another laptop of the same manufacturer, then its power adapter may fit.
For example, several Dell laptops use the same connector, voltage, and wattage rated power adapters as other Dell laptops.For example, the Dell Latitude D430 and the Dell XPS M1330 share a power adapter.Of course, both the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models can use a power adapter that works for another model in the same homee.
The 2009 MacBook Pro can use the MagSafe power adapter of the 2008 MacBook Pro.If your existing laptop or previous laptop does not have a compatible power adapter, you will need to order one online.You can usually find replacement power adapters for places like eBay and Amazon online instead of getting them directly from the manufacturer.
The cost of buying a brand new OEM power adapter is much lower than what you paid.If you search for your laptop model on eBay or Amazon, along with the phrase \"power adapter\" (for example: Dell Latitude D430 power adapter), you will find many suitable for your laptopIf you buy a laptop with no battery, you can also find a replacement for it online via eBay or Amazon.Although I strongly recommend buying them through Amazon, as you can read reviews from actual purchasers who use them and see if there are a lot of problems with a particular battery, or if there is a good experience and the battery life they have experienced.
Keep in mind that after-sales batteries are often one of the things you really get what you pay for, so be sure to pay attention to the comments and decide on which battery you want to buy or otherwise buy genuine batteries.Now that we have solved the power issue for the laptop, let\'s keep using the hard drive.If your laptop is labeled \"installed\" or \"installed\" then there is still a hard drive in your laptop.
If it is marked \"remove\" then you will want to buy a hard drive for your laptop.You can also find the hard drive online.You can get a SSD or SSD if you don\'t need too much storage.The SSD has no moving parts and has the advantage of being faster than a normal hard drive.
In addition to the first-generation SSD, they are also more energy efficient than regular hard drives, helping to squeeze more battery life out of your laptop.Plus, the benefits of them are absolute quiet, generating less heat, and can give a lot of speed boost to most users in terms of the time it takes to start and load the operating system and start the application.If you are looking for a lot of storage, traditional hard drives will be your best choice.
Since the floods in Thailand have increased the cost of new hard drives, manufacturing for major hard drive producers has recovered and their prices have recently declined.If you choose a SSD, please select the maximum size you can purchase.I recommend using a size of at least 120 GB or larger.
You don\'t want to get a system that is too small to accommodate your OS and all apps, documents, music and photos in the end.In addition, when purchasing a solid state drive, choose a drive that supports SATA 3.0 standard, even if the laptop you will use in it only supports SATA 1.
If your laptop ever crashes or you decide to upgrade, you can move the SSD to a laptop that supports faster SATA standards.All SATA drives are backwards compatible, so it makes sense to get the fastest option.If you use a normal hard drive, that is, the kind that comes with the rotating disc, the size as large as possible, you can buy it comfortably, or you can choose a size with a higher rpm.
In most cases, you can easily find the hard drives of your laptop that give you at least 320 GB of storage at an online price of less than $75.As far as the RPM is concerned, you will mainly see the RPM of the laptop\'s hard drive at 5400 RPM or 7200 RPM, which means the RPM per minute.The faster the rotation, the faster the performance, because the normal hard disk must rotate the disk in order to read the data from the hard disk and write the data to the hard disk.
The faster the drive is, the less time the drive has to wait for the data you request to go through the read-write header.Keep in mind that since a normal hard drive is essentially a mechanical device, the faster the RPM, the greater the power consumption and heat, so when comparing products from manufacturers of 5400 RPM drives and 7200 RPM hard drives, there are some trade-offs.If you can\'t afford a solid state drive or want to stick with a normal one but want performance, 7200 RPM won\'t lead you astray, keep in mind that due to higher power consumption and extra heat generated, the battery life will drop slightly and you will pay for it, which in large part may mean that there will be a slightly warmer palm rest on the left or right side of your laptop, it depends on which side of the hard drive is installed.
If you\'re using a SSD, you\'re sure to be happy with the speed boost it offers while starting and launching the app.Your battery life will also be slightly improved as the SSD does not have moving parts and does not consume as much power as the normal hard drive does.Of course, for these additional allowances, you will also pay more for the driving itself.
If neither of the first two options appeals to you, then the normal old 5400 RPM drive will not go wrong.It will do its job fully, but it won\'t be a speed demon, but keep in mind that they are more or less the cheapest option.More RAM is always helpful for a laptop or any computer.
For myself, I find that I have at least 2 gb of RAM for good performance whether running Windows 7 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard.Now if I\'m not just browsing, writing emails and documents online, I want more RAM, at least 4 gb of RAM.So 2 gb of RAM should be enough unless you are a super user, but if you are engaged in photo editing or anything involving graphics, video or audio processing, 4 GB should be your minimum standard.
If the laptop you get has at least 2 gb of RAM and you plan to use it primarily for basic tasks such as browsing the internet, word processing, and email, then, unless you\'re going to do something more drastic with your laptop, you really don\'t need to do anything else here.Now if you have something like a MacBook or MacBook Pro and plan to install Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite then I highly recommend using at least 4 gb of RAM.
2 GB is the minimum recommended by Apple, but I found it to be slower and slower than snow leopard, which runs well with 2 GB of RAM.If you are looking for additional RAM for your laptop, you first want to check with the manufacturer for your laptop model for its specifications.There you can find out what type of RAM your laptop needs (DDR2 PC2-5300 to 3: 38500), and how much RAM it can install at most.
This information is very important because the laptop (or desktop) cannot use multiple types or speeds of RAM.For example, my MacBook at the beginning of 2009 used the DDR2 PC2-Type 5330 RAM in 200 pinAccording to Apple, it can hold up to 4 GB of RAM between two RAM slots, which means I can post on RAM with two 2 gb RAM cards that meet these specifications.I have quoted \"max\" in the quote as many MacBooks and MacBook Pros can actually have more memory than Apple says, but this is another center for another day.
Once you have obtained information from the manufacturer\'s website, or by using a tool like Crucial\'s online consultant tool to select the manufacturer\'s name, product line and model number of the laptop or laptop, it will tell you the type of RAM your laptop uses.Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is always best to get information from the manufacturer about the number of slots that users can access and upgrade RAM.According to Crucial, up to 2 gb of RAM can be accommodated, and while they do state that RAM has a slot, it does not state that the laptop has welded 1 gb of RAM on the motherboard, this means that a single RAM slot in this laptop can only use a single 1 gb DDR2 PC2-5300 SO-Therefore, when one module can only use one module, one may purchase two of them by mistake.
RAM is available from many places.
I personally always check with Newegg.
First of all, I can read reviews about different brands and check the price.I also purchased RAM from eBay, where you can get some good deals about RAM from others who sell old RAM after upgrading.Just make sure that if you buy RAM from someone on eBay, you will buy it from someone who provides a return policy, and of course, always pay through PayPal so that if there is a problem, if the purchase gets bad and the seller doesn\'t help, you can go through the PayPal dispute program.
For most laptops, upgrading the RAM is as simple as flipping the RAM, removing a few screws and a panel, and then releasing the clip in the slot that holds any existing memory, pulling the RAM module out, align the new module to the slot or slot at a 45 degree angle, be sure to align the gap on the card with the slot, then press down until the clip locks it in place.Then re-cover and tighten the screws.In other ways, the process can vary, like on my MacBook in early 2009.With this laptop, the battery must be removed and then three screws can be released that secure the metal holder/board inside to cover access to the hard disk and RAM module slots.
Of course, for any laptop, unless you have experience in removing and installing new RAM, always follow the manufacturer\'s instructions in the process.Now that we have the basics like our power supply, battery, hard drive and RAM, we need an OS or OS next.Many laptops in the remaining auctions tend to either not have an operating system installed or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian installed.
The original Windows or Mac OS installation rarely stays on the hard drive.Therefore, your choice here is to purchase an OEM (original device manufacturer) from eBay to restore the CD/DVD to match the Windows version that originally came with the laptop.Alternatively, with MacBooks and MacBook Pros, you can get the latest version of Mac OS X 10.
By law, of course, Yosemite is free.
If you have another Mac, or have a friend with it, you can download Yosemite from Apple for free through the App Store.There are various articles online describing how to make bootable USB hard drives or flash drives from Yosemite installers, so a quick Google search will help you find the process.For the operating system, you can download and install Linux for free at any time, just like in beer.
If you just want a laptop to experiment before installing Linux on your main desktop or laptop, this is a great way to test the water.For Windows laptops that do not have a CD/DVD drive or where the drive is not working, you can re-copy WindowsInstall the CD/DVD to the USB flash drive so that if the laptop supports it, you can start it from the USB flash drive and install Windows this way.Installing from USB is actually faster than installing from a CD or DVD.
Thanks for solid state storage!.
This is legal because our rights as consumers who purchase software or software licenses grant us the option to make our own backups for legitimate purposes.When you copy your Windows installation disc to a flash drive, what you do is basically do a backup that you can use yourself to grant a single machine with a single certificate of authenticity issued by Microsoft.It does not allow sharing of said flash drives with friends, family, etc.
..The purpose is to provide them with a free copy of Windows.For most laptops, MacBook and MacBook Pros, whether it\'s a CD/DVD, a USB hard drive, or a flash drive, you\'ll have to boot from the installation media.For Windows-based laptops typically, this can be done by holding down the F12 on the keyboard while powering on the laptop to trigger the Start menu to display, and allows you to select a device other than the internal hard drive to display the boot from it.
Other laptops may have other ways to access this startup menu, and will usually show which key must be pressed when turning on the laptop.For MacBooks and MacBook professionals, after pressing the power button, you have to press and hold the Option key on your keyboard to access the screen where your laptop allows you to select which media to boot from.After installing the operating system, you may need to deal with things like drivers when using a Windows laptop, as the installation disc or Windows itself may not have the appropriate driver.
To get this information, visit the support page on the laptop manufacturer\'s website to find the drivers for a particular model of your laptop.If you install Windows 7 on a laptop that originally came with Windows Vista, you may find that the manufacturer does not have any Windows 7 drivers listed/released, although you can download them specifically for Vista, but they work normally in most cases.Once you have resolved any driver issues, you can use the laptop as you would with any other laptop, download and install any software you would like to use, such as office efficiency open office, browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
..Re-People can also make money by selling refurbished laptops purchased at auction.EBay and Craigslist are a couple of nice places.A few things to keep in mind, though, are that selling computers with pirated software is illegal.
When selling a Windows-based laptop, always include any CD/DVD with the software installed, especially the operating system.This is not a requirement for MacBooks and MacBook Pros because many newer models actually have a recovery method, if the original installation media is not available, or if the owner has replaced the hard drive, macBook or MacBook Pro can download the OS from Apple over WiFi.However, in any case, if you do not have a copy of the operating system that can be included in your laptop, please state this in the auction list.
Pay attention to any problems such as cosmetic problems such as scratches, scratches, etc...Therefore, buyers can be fully aware of any flaws before purchasing.Also included in your list are laptop work, power on, photos of any app you install on a separate CD/dvd, and a close-up of the flaws.
When selling laptop price settings via eBay or Craigslist, check out other listings for the same model to see what their typical prices are, especially those with similar physical conditions and configurations.As always, read and follow eBay\'s policy of selling items such as laptops or desktop computers.If you live in a university town or nearby, Craigslist may be a better option to work locally, and college students with tight budgets are happy to get a MacBook or MacBook Pro for less than the cost of a brand new MacBook or MacBook Pro.
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