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Switch power adapter how lightning protection

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-21
Contemporary communication switching power supply to accomplish unattended, both have short to monitor compliance, remote communication, remote sensing, remote control, for example, and with it comes into contact with a standard lamp line interface communication interval length, extremely vulnerable to feel the thunder lose owe well to form a downtime and other such matters in accordance with the letter a manufacturing application should be equipped with the corresponding standard led lightning protection device to be thus. Second, dc lightning protection device is equipped with lightning protection measure was put forward, in the recently announced due to lightning protection of residual pressure is much lower than ac dc lightning protection device, thus can effectively advance the communication within the fast switch power stations and equipment * * material dry lightning electromagnetic impulse. Three, lightning protection device of lightning protection just have rigorous intimacy related intervention installation way, if the Lord lead inductance will occur exceptionally residual pressure, should be roughly contraction power lines and attachment of lightning and the lightning protection and grounding attachment to the length of the tandem board. Four, multistage placed lightning protection device can reduce the lead inductance of exceptionally residual pressure, due to the top level lightning protection device has a small piece of lightning current discharge to heaven, and in the level of lightning protection lightning current discharge less only one department, the decrease of the lightning current will lead to additional residual reduce small pins. For guaranteeing the energy level before and after the lightning protection device, lightning protection device between the power cable length should be not less than 15 meters, otherwise should accept decoupling device development energy cooperation. Five, and went into the lightning protection bureau power cable is easy to cause attention and the other in and out of the station power is often face, such as lighting lamps line, power line tower lamp, the telecommunication facilities leased telecommunication power lines, etc. Under the appropriate adopt solar energy lamp, can cut a lightning invasion of channel. Other out power lines should be care of the lightning protection system's sphere, or special lightning protection should be taken to a flashback.
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