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T series 12 v1a power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-09
This power adapter USES elliptic design, the power of specular surface cover, under cover fine atomization bricks, upper and lower shell ultrasonic joint line and the LED lamp USES the hidden design, to meet customer pursuit vogue unique consumer demand. T series 12 v1a power adapter using the master control chip for Taiwan the treasure low-power energy-saving chip OB2263, transformer for high power density RM8 magnetic core, compared with the same power output volume can be reduced 30%; Secondary side for & PI; Shape wave and annular common-mode operation circuit architecture, ensure low output ripple current and inhibit common-mode interference; As a power adapter welcome by consumers in the field of brand, with the leading technology and professional level of service, strengthen the competitive advantage in power market and gain market and peer affirmation, set a new standard for the power industry development.
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