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The characteristics and classification of power adapter industry _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-18
The power adapter industry characteristics and classification of 2020-977 06 - 01 17:43:11 communication with high reliability, high temperature, lightning protection, voltage fluctuation is large, such as J office end equipment power supply system is commonly used in 48 v output; All kinds of general use 3 base station amplifier. 3 v, 5 v, 12 v, 28 v power supply is more, 3. 3 v, 5 v, generally with chip, 12 v fan, 28 v output amplifier. Instrument output because more commonly, to prevent mutual interference between each group, higher requirements for power supply voltage precision, some need to isolate. ( For the DC input voltage is part, a ship or aircraft part of the frequency of 440 hz) Some instruments, such as oxygen generator, such as hydrogen generator also needs constant current power supply, and requirements for leakage current is very small. Security in general with battery charging, such as 12 v 13. 8 v, 13。 8 v generally and battery to charge, after the ac power switch to the 12 v battery powered. Optical fiber network switches generally in 3. 3 v to 5 v and 3. The combination of 3 v to 12 v, 3. 3 v generally take chips, according to the different types and different power, voltage regulation accuracy is higher, 5 v, 12 v fan, little current, voltage does not need high precision. Medical demands for security requirement is higher, and small leakage current, and high pressure. LED display good dynamic response, high temperature resistant, some may require a larger flow point, such as typical, 5 v30a, 5 v50a power supply, LED decoration used, because light requirements so basically need constant current to achieve uniform luminous intensity. Ensure the new industry is controlled by the government, after the production quantity could be very big, in addition to the individual basically with 5 v and 24 v power supply, the combination of 5 v for the main chip, 24 v with printer, need to cooperate with the whole machine for EMC. Set-top box goes more commonly, 3 typical voltage. 3 v to 5 v / 12 v / 30 v 22 v, or part of the ATX standard, all have very low current, generally at about 20 w, total power demand lower prices. Part of set-top box with hard drive power is more than 60 w. LCD TV is usually more than 3 road 12 v / 24 v / 5 v, 24 v with liquid crystal display; The 12 v belt sound system; 5 v belt TV control board and the STB. Switch power involves new industries: av equipment, ark of battery charging equipment, VOIP communications terminal equipment, power modulation demodulation devices, non-contact identification equipment
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