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The charger equipment operation method

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-26
Is one of the best adapter equipment manufacturer in China, was established in 2008 in shenzhen. Our factory has passed ISO9001; 2008 and ISO14001; 2004 certification, and is equipped with advanced technology and machines. Our main products include power adapters, chargers and power supply products, mainly used in laptop computers, LED products, 3 d printers, security system, the balance of the car and so on. Company tenet is no matter when and where to provide timely product support and technical services, strive for the industry leader. Today, by focusing on the power adapter in the production of small make up to introduce the charger equipment operation method: charging is an important step to use rechargeable batteries. A reasonable charge to extend battery life is very good, and the improper charge will has a great influence on the battery life. Lithium batteries are basically according to separate each product packaging, each other is not universal, so each product also provide their charging equipment, each other is not universal, when use as long as you follow their instructions to use. Quick charge and slow filling such as section 5, nickel metal hydride battery capacity is 1200 mah, while another section is 1600 mah. The section called 1 c capacitance of the battery. When charging, the charging current is less than 0. 1 c, called a trickle charge. Trickle charging to the battery charge is enough, and not hurt the battery life, but with a trickle charge the time is too long, so rarely used alone, but charge and the other way. Charging current at zero. 1 c - 0. Between the 2 c, called slow charging. The charging current is greater than zero. 2 c, less than 0. 8 c is quick charge. And when the charging current is greater than zero. 8 c, is called a super-fast charging. However, 1 c is a logical concept rather than the absolute value, so according to 1 c conversion fast charging slow filling is also a relative, as 200 mah for 1200 mah battery charging current is slow filling, and is quick charge for a 700 mah battery.
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