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The charger will consume much electricity? The data!

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-25
Along with the increase in digital products, the charger is also more and more. A lot of people keep the charger has been in the socket, but the power consumption is very serious. If the country's 1 billion cell phone users in one 8 of the user, which will remain in the socket charger, usually it takes enough electricity to make 6000 sets of household air conditioning at the same time. This time we couldn't help but wonder, why charger electricity? How much electricity consumption? The following power experts to answer one by one to you! Why do the charger power? Most mobile phone chargers are belong to the switch power supply, the rectifier to dc 220 v first, and then by high frequency transformation, through the pulse transformer coupling, one-way output low voltage dc rectifier. Even if there is no output current, high frequency conversion part is still at work, it takes part of the electricity. The control circuit such as charger, the main is induced on the mobile phone is connected to the charger, the charger is not connected to a phone, control circuit is also at work. Such as load component (again Individual charger indicator lights) , when the plug on the power supply is also at work, will also be part of the electricity consumption. In short charger type of equipment on the plug in the power supply is bound to consume electricity. The charger will be how much electricity consumption? In fact, a single charger no-load power consumption is not big. The communications industry standard yd - of the People's Republic of China t1591 - 2009 the mobile communication terminal power adapter and charge/data interface technology requirements and test methods stated in rated output current of the power adapter should be in the range of 500 ma and 1500 ma, be determined by the manufacturer. Under the power adapter no-load power consumption, power consumption is less than 150 milliwatts. We use the normal charger will conform to the state's standards. But as mentioned above, if the majority of users of the charger is left on the power supply condition, accumulate over a long period of power consumption or let a person very shocked.
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