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The cognitive power adapter CE certification requirements and sources

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-10
Switch power adapter for many product development engineers, to send new products to related departments and strict CE certification, is the most key link in the whole development process, also can directly related to the product is in conformity with export standards. So, what is the CE certification? For switching power adapter, what are the requirements for CE certification? Let's take a look at below. In fact, the so-called CE certification, is a kind of eu countries for product certification. If the switch power adapter new products want to export to European countries, then it must be with & other; CE” Mark, & other; CE” Mark is a kind of a pass into the European countries. The sign that the products comply with one or a few relevant European directives. This is enforced by law. In the certification audit process, power adapter product will undergo the production quality, product quality and unit verification, EC type test certification examination, after the acceptance by, will only be issued with the corresponding & other; CE” Mark. For products has passed the certification, issued by the European Union and other CE” Logo must be printed on clear position on the nameplate and package, and the height not less than 5 mm, and scaling. , of course, after the power adapter has been achieved CE certification, and is also a work requires the dealer to complete, that is the sign on the conformance statement. In the adapter products are exported to Europe, the manufacturer must be signed in a conformance statement, shows that its products meet the requirements of the European Union. The statement must be along with the goods to Europe, European customs will not allow the goods entry. Once the products were found in Europe is not in conformity with the conditions of CE, will be severely punished. Finally need to remind everybody is, the switch power adapter of the CE certification is not any agency can do, when to entrust the test must determine its appraisal qualification clearly, if it is illegal to test facility, so the consequences is very serious. Because if the product without testing and the CE label, will be considered making fake products, all eu countries will take appropriate action to forge the CE marking products and other products the same manufacturers in Europe for severe punishment. Therefore, if the product is made up of some illegal or crude certification institution to test, will be very dangerous.
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