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The development of the power adapter and history

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-28
External power supply until the 80 s mainly based on the linear power supply is given priority to, its defect is the volume and weight is greater than the power adapter, and the efficiency is low, but the advantage is stable, circuit is simple, but is not convenient to carry. So in the mid - 80 - s Japan's Toshiba, take the lead in the switching power supply technology for laptop external power supply, its initiative to start a new page in the history of the power adapter development, also become the world's first independent notebook power adapter, because using the technology of switch power supply power supply external notebook don't need to take into account the power conversion and the heat generated by the gathered in notebook itself, and the power adapter is easy to carry, as for it effectively improve the commercialization and universalization of notebook computer. Since Toshiba opens the laptop power supply comprehensive implementation of switch power supply, the first complete computer notebook vendor fully follow after power generation, and become to application and other industry pioneer and example of the power adapter, power adapter in the 90 s has been widely used in various electronic, electrical equipment, program-controlled switches, communication, electric power testing equipment of power supply and control equipment power supply. The power adapter generally by pulse width modulation ( 脉宽调制) Control of IC and MOSFET. Power adapter compared with linear power supply, and the cost is increased with the increase of output power increase, but the growth rate of each different. Linear power supply cost on a power output point, rather than switching power supply, this is called inversion point cost. With the development of power electronics technology and innovation, make the power adapter technology innovation, also the cost of reversal points increasingly move to low output power end, thus has provided the power adapter with broad space for development. In the late 90 s in Europe about the power conversion efficiency and the standby power consumption will put forward a series of standard power adapter to the height of the one cannot span. High frequency power adapter make its development direction, high frequency, the miniaturization of switch power supply, and make the power adapter into a wider range of application fields, especially in the high and new technology in the field of application, promoted the miniaturization of high technology products, portable. In addition the development and application of the power adapter in the aspect of saving energy, saving resources and protecting the environment has important significance. Apple in 2001 developed fashion and light power adapter, which has pushed the power adapter to another new peak, the power adapter is brought to the light and the direction of the fashion tide, thus the power adapter look the sense that gives a person is no longer as before the appearance of the single and not beautiful impression. In 20010, a group of research and development of the power adapter and a large number of produce the world's first fully compatible with the world each big brand notebook computer universal laptop charger. Take the notebook power adapter and into the real universal time. Can say the development of the power adapter and laptop have close relations, several times is notebook power adapter to promote the development of the power adapter. Power adapter development direction is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization. Because the key technology of the power adapter light, small, thin is the high frequency, and the power adapter manufacturers therefore are committed to synchronous development of new type high intelligent components, especially improve the wastage of the secondary rectifier device, and the power ferrite ( Mn- 锌) Material increasing scientific and technological innovation, to improve the high frequency and large magnetic flux density ( Bs) Can obtain high magnetic and the miniaturization of capacitor is a key technology. Power adapter as a result of the application of SMT technology made great progress, the two sides in the circuit board layout components, to ensure the switch power supply of light, small and thin. The high frequency of the power adapter is bound to the traditional PWM switch technology innovation, realize ZVS and ZCS of soft switch technology has become the mainstream of the power adapter, and greatly improve the efficiency of the power adapter. To improve the reliability index, the power producer by reducing the current operation, reduce the junction temperature and other measures to reduce the stress of the devices, greatly improve the reliability of the product.
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