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The difference between power adapter constant pressure constant current power supply

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-30
Today is to give you a simple explain differences in constant pressure constant current power supply. Common to all of the power adapter and mobile phone chargers are constant voltage switching power supply, power adapter output dc voltage is fixed, the voltage change the floating range for the output voltage of plus or minus 5%, the output of the power adapter with over voltage, over current, short circuit protection function and power, constant current power supply more commonly used in LED lights, as the name suggests it is the constant current output power is constant current output. When constant voltage power supply is the power adapter in the rated output current range, which is in the scope of work, the output voltage will remain within the scope of the rated voltage plus or minus 5%, when the output current is greater than the rated current 1. 3 - 2 times, the power adapter will keep stop working, when removing the load power can resume normal work, constant voltage power supply and regulated power supply, the required output voltage value is fixed, not with load, the external working conditions, such as the input voltage changes, the output power of the maximum output current of the power supply, the efficiency, output voltage stability, ripple coefficient, cell compatibility EMC characteristic, temperature effect, noise and impedance characteristics have specific requirements. Constant current power supply, also known as current regulator, less as far as we know, the grasp of the concept of relative difficult, the output characteristic curve of constant current power supply with constant voltage power supply, on the other hand, controlled parameter is the output current, the dependent variable compliance voltage, output current is kept constant in the range of load, load resistance is big, the power supply into compliance pressure limiting reserve, constant current power supply considered overvoltage conditions, generally think this area is a protected area, in the area of the output voltage is not clearly, our term to describe the constant current power supply is used in the constant voltage power supply in familiar, for variable constant current power supply, can adjust the output current, usually from 0 to a maximum value near ( Referred to as constant current range), , in order to maintain a constant load current, voltage of the output must follow the load resistance change, the output current constant area called 'compliance voltage power supply range. A maximum of the compliance voltage is usually clear, applications and limitations with constant current power supply, generally used to changes in load resistance is limited within the scope of the occasion of must maintain a constant current, typical examples such as the LED driver, electron microscope and gas spectrum apparatus of deflection and focus on winding, etc.
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