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The difference between the power adapter and stabilizer

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-07
As intelligent device occupies more and more important position in people's lives, with the function of increasing, consumption problem also gradually exposed, is becoming more and more people began to used to carry the power adapter, also is the people often say that the charger. This is the difference between the power adapter and voltage regulator? This article to introduce for you. Found in the absence of added load, the voltage of the power adapter is higher than what he sign value, while the voltage regulator has been this value. So what is the difference between the two? The difference between the power adapter and stabilizer 1, power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power transformation equipment, generally composed of shell, power supply transformer and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into the ac and dc output. Straightforward can be understood as a voltage converter, such as the 110 - 220 v ac voltage into a fixed dc voltage. 2, voltage regulator is to make the output voltage stability of the equipment. Voltage regulator with constant pressure, control circuit, and servo motor, etc. When the input voltage or load change, sampling and comparison are made on the control circuit, amplifier, and then drive servo motor rotation, and change the position of the voltage regulator for carbon brush, by automatically adjusting the coil number of turns ratio, so as to maintain the stability of output voltage. Power adapter in the case of no load voltage is higher, if you pick up the load will find its voltage will drop down, this is due to the action itself limits, just in order to provide an appropriate voltage to the load, and the main effect of voltage stabilizer is regulated, it will be through its voltage stability to a certain extent, more than or less than this value it has action, power adapter, there is no this function. These two can distinguish according to usage, if is the place where the load power demand is not high can substitute each other, but if the load of power demand is higher, even 1 v voltage change is not, then you must use the voltage stabilizer, burn it otherwise not load to the power supply.
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