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The difference between wall and desktop type power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-28
Plug the power adapter into a wall power adapter and desktop type power adapter, plugged into a wall power adapter, also known as wall power adapter. Actually can be simple to explain. Plugged into a wall power adapter is ontology can be directly used on board the power adapter. And desktop type power adapter is the power adapter ontology must be placed on the table. Desktop type power adapter and plug wall power adapter, there is the difference between a desktop need AC line connected to the mains power adapter. Power adapter in security products, communication products, as well as small home appliance products and is widely used in consumer electronic products, especially in portable consumer electronics and communications products, generally in the majority with less than 10 w, such as 5 - commonly used smart phones and tablets 10 w power adapter, power supply, and computer peripheral, security products, small home appliances products commonly used under 36 w power adapter is in the majority, especially in today's energy advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, the power of products is the most common. And laptop, television and other products under general use 120 w power adapter, and more than 100 w power supply with built-in. But there are also use the outer power adapter under 200 w. But the number is relatively less. Commonly used more plugged into a wall under 36 w power adapter, the characteristics of the power adapter is not to need to AC wire, so relatively save cost, save space, do not need to be placed the mesa power cargo space. Directly on the board. Also relatively safe. There are a few below 36 w power adapter using the desktop type, the general because of considering the use the product from the AC plug plate distance far away or because the power adapter volume is larger, quality is heavier, or power adapter on the heavier. Multi-port USB power adapter, for example, to avoid to use the USB plug above products and lead to instability. And more than 36 w power adapter is not appropriate to make it plugged into a wall. Because the volume and weight are larger. So generally USES desktop over 36 w. But it is much more early we contact is linear power supply. For example in the use of repeater. Walkman, its power heavy volume is bigger also. May also be met on the board directly because the plug instability and fell off the embarrassing situation. But with the development of science and technology. As well as to the increasingly tense energy, the requirements for energy efficiency is higher and higher, consumer electronics products for the power adapter is high efficiency, wide input voltage range of requirements, as well as copper, iron, and the increase of labor costs, the linear transformer were gradually replaced by the switching power adapter.
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