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The electronic measuring instrument is widely used

by:Fuyuang     2020-07-10
Electronic load enjoys the load function achieved by electronic devices, and the output port is in line with Ohm law. Specifically, the hipot tester is a device, which makes the power tube have the power dissipation and power consumption by the way of controlling the internal power device MOSFET or the transistor conductor flux. Electronic load generally include the constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, constant power, short circuit, dynamic load and other variety of modes, and it can simulate various load conditions. Electronic load as a professional equipment to test power, is flexible to operate. It's convenient for users to analyze the various date by the full graphical interface of software. In addition, its integrated application not only can form the automatic test system with the high-speed data acquisition, but also can protect the tested equipment fully. The application examples of electronic load are as follows. First the manufacturers like LCD computer component can use the electronic load to achieve its internal power supply module testing and aging. Second the manufacturers of switching power and led can use the electronic load to achieve the test of power supply stability, load stability, the output voltage regulation and the transient characteristics parameters. (Multi-output power supply can be used to the combined attaching test. Third, the application of the manufacturers of adapter and charger are as follows. It's very important to test the regulation capability of output voltage and current, because it can guarantee the correct supply and battery charge of equipment. You can do the routine performance test in CC and CR modes. Also you can use the OCP and SHORT functions to test the protection movements of products. The adjustment time, charging time etc of charger can be set by loading time of electronic load. The electronic load is a more widely used in the electronics manufacturing and application area test equipment. Now we can illustrate the examples. In the hot spot test of solar energy panel, the electronic load is often used. in the cell temperature test of outdoor hot spot panel, put the nonopaque panel in the open air, and expose it under the radiation source at 700Wm-2 at least. Test its I-V performance and the current Imp at the maximum power point. Or make the panel have short circuit, put the panel under the stable 700Wm-2 at least. Use the infrared photography to measure the hottest cells, and record the temperatures. Under the same radiation source, the change of radiation is less than 5% in the period. Connect the positive and negative poles of electronic load with the one of panels. DC electrical safety tester includes the constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power the four test modes. In general, we'll select the constant current test mode, because it facilitates to input different components of operating current. The goal is to test the hot spot cell working under different current, record the hot situation. Such way facilitates to set the temperature requirements of solar energy pane to hot spot. At the same time, it also facilitates the measurements of a variety of hot spots under the continuous irradiations in the room.
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