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The Internet and the power adapter can be associated with?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-31
The Internet and the power adapter can be associated with? 2019 - 12 - 19 'Internet + power adapter' to tell you the power adapter adapter industry is no longer mysterious shenzhen recently, various power adapter manufacturers and companies fully deployed to strengthen the work, for accelerating 'Internet + power adapter, power adapter product service system based on Internet integration, to enhance the power adapter information disclosure. The past in the first quarter of 2016, is seen as the 'Internet + power adapter' start to the domestic, the power adapter manufacturers have called for industry, Internet and hold the power adapter industry development conference, fully embodies the domestic power adapter for attaches great importance to the development of the Internet industry. In transition of power adapter industry exists many structural problems, future economic growth will depend on the power adapter domestic demand form, to foster the development of the power adapter also new economic advantage. A large number of advance 'Internet + power adapter', will be conducive to enhance the power adapter supply structure changes adaptability and flexibility of the demand for power adapter, and promote the domestic power adapter industry important way of the mass transfer efficiency upgrade. The power adapter industry upgrade, need Internet technology and intelligent technology to machine innovation. At the same time, to foster new industries, new forms and new power adapter industry pattern, perfect our country power adapter industry division of labor system, the implementation of the power adapter industry multiplication and innovation action plan, is inseparable from the strategy of 'Internet +'. Power adapter industry summary conference stressed that the Internet will become the power adapter driven innovation pilot power. 'Internet +' depth fusion with various aspects of industry of our country power adapter, makes the whole electronic industry the power adapter industry vertical electrical contractor and the third party, the propulsion power adapter industry iot applications, to strengthen the construction of 'digital power adapter' application, to develop the power adapter big data and cloud services, power adapter will be obtained from Internet innovation and development of new energy industry, from the 'Internet + power adapter' to strengthen innovation, reduce the enterprise cost, improve the efficiency of supply, accelerate the power adapter like high quality efficient industry development. Domestic power industry, vigorously promote 'Internet + power adapter', push power adapter information disclosure as an important work, help to speed up the transition power adapter industry development, make electronic enterprises and power adapter the buyer to get more benefits and convenience. Actively promote the 'Internet + power adapter', will let the service industry of our country power adapter and management become more standardized, more humanity, more and more convenient. In the past in the first quarter of 2016, the power industry 5214 power adapter manufacturers website for the census for the first time. Through the power adapter manufacturer website census action, power adapter manufacturer in the purge the correct attitude towards power adapter network. 'Internet + power adapter', make domestic power adapter industry show more innovation and development, the electronic enterprise reflects the strong the power adapter 'timely, accurate, don't respond, not applicable', also in the power adapter network rectification to solve and improve. Promote the 'Internet + power adapter', pay more attention to the power adapter humanization, based on electronic enterprise. The power adapter manufacturer in the 'Internet + power adapter', should attach great importance to the experience of the power adapter the buyer, and actively to improve the power adapter services. Statement, in addition the power adapter will be let in advancing the 'Internet + power adapter,' produce large quantities of new power adapter information engineering project, make the power adapter the new project, should reflect the power adapter, process, public science of decision making, especially when power adapter purchase supplies, to be fair, open, scientific and reasonable. The Internet and the power adapter can be associated with?
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