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The interpretation of the lithium battery charger

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-26
2019 - the interpretation of the lithium battery charger 09 - 25 lithium battery charger is specially used for lithium ion battery charger. Lithium ion battery of charger demand is higher, need protection circuit, so the lithium battery charger usually have higher precision of control, can carry on the constant current constant voltage to the lithium ion battery charging. The technical parameters of the input voltage: 100 - 240 v input frequency: 50 - 60 hz power charging process, when not connected to the circuit of LED light is not on the power supply on the circuit board is connected, the green LED lit continuously, the circuit board, after waiting for lithium battery in the lithium battery in the start charging is LED into the orange when the conditions of the lithium battery to charge, then stop charging, the LED into orange lithium battery charge, battery, LED turn green, such as back into lithium battery in the process of charging, charging will show percentage LED lights: continuous green: wait for the battery placement for yellow: charging of continuous orange: cells are charge or have charged 6 hours flashing orange: warning message ( Output short circuit, reverse is negative, temperature anomaly) Note 1. Should make the charger work selection and be the rechargeable battery. If the charger work in lithium battery status to nimh or nickel cadmium battery, the battery charger, will greatly reduce the work time. If the charger work in nickel battery status to lithium ion batteries, lithium batteries be overcharge, will seriously affect the service life of batteries. 2. To understand the charger is full of light when the battery is really are full of. See full of some charger indicator the lithium battery can be removed, some of the charger to see light on then we'll take out the battery. The introduction of lithium battery charger
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