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The K3.91MD Plus from Karcher is a mid-level,

by:Fuyuang     2020-07-08
This unit has its own detergent tank. It also comes with an ergonomic trigger gun making it comfortable to use even for extended jobs. The K3.91MD Plus possessing features like these that make it stand above its competitors. This unit comes with 6 metres of quality high pressure hose giving it a good reach. The electric motor is rated at 1700 W. It is a maintenance free induction motor that should have a long working life. As is the norm for a product of this standard it comes with details such as a fine mesh filter before the pump to protect it from debris and a pressure overload relief. The N-Cor-Pump, cylinder head of durable polyfiber-plastic give outstanding efficiency, low noise level and weight. Yet another valuable aspect of this machine is the auto start / stop so the power is only actuated when required , thus saving power, water, chemicals and extends the lifespan of the washer. Accessories: garden hose adapter, Dirtblaster, Vario lance and accessory soft bag. Water supply up to 40 degC is allowed, though the cleaning performance with cold water is all that's required. This model is upright during operation. The unit weighs in at 14kg with dimensions of 287 x 336 x 837 (L x W x H)(mm), meaning it is easy to handle. The washer has a 120 bar maximum output pressure . It has a water throughput of 420l/hr to quickly tackle stubborn dirt and stains. We like the product, but it could be better. Although compact the K3.91MD Plus has a excellent specification and enough power for most household tasks such as cleaning the car, decking, boat, garden tools etc. This model does have some nice touches.
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