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by:Fuyuang     2020-06-23
Laptop batteries are the main power source of laptop device with a specific voltage. The batteries are rechargeable and the average life is around 2-3 hours. Of course, the span depends on its use hardware specifications. Now, the batteries get overheated quite often and most users ignore the situation until some serious damage occurs. You must concern over the matter the moment you feel its temperature is rising above the normal. You keep it in mind that laptop batteries should be treated with care as their life span go on decreasing after each full charge cycle. Also, tech support or computer repair vendors suggest, even a little damage to the battery can lead to serious damage to the other laptop components. You should come out of the misconception that as your laptop battery is getting overheated, it is poorly designed or improperly mounted, but it happens mostly due to user wear and tear. When your laptop battery uses AC adapter it becomes hotter than it would if being used separately. So, to avoid the consequence you mist keep your AC adapter plugged off when you are running the laptop and don't need to charge your battery. However, if you are fond of travelling and need to run your laptop mostly on batteries, mind to drain the battery power fully and then charge it for few hours to make it charged up again. Avoid charging your laptop battery when it's not fully drained. If the battery is still heated abnormally, remove it from your laptop and as tech support technicians suggest keep it to the room temperature for hours or until it comes normal. Now reinsert the battery carefully preferably with an expert supervision. Online computer repair tutorials are given to detach and attach laptop batteries avoiding technical hassles. Follow the expert rules and do it properly. According to tech support professionals, you must replace a damaged battery as soon as possible to keep your laptop device out of danger. You might also think of repairing the battery but in most cases technicians fail to do it. So, visit the website of your laptop manufacturer and search for the compatible battery in case you need a replacement. You may get batteries from other tech support or computer support retailers but getting from original manufacturers is always safe as a wrong battery component can lead to perilous consequence.
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