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The maintenance and maintenance of energy-saving power adapter for daily use

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-26
Energy saving power adapter for daily use of 2017 - maintenance and maintenance 02 - 20 the author: click: energy-saving power adapter is very important to maintain daily, about its use life. Below small make up will come under the popularization for everybody about maintenance and maintenance of the power adapter for daily use. 1, be careful not to insert the power cord port into other ports, insert and pull out the wire, prevent port is loose. Don't charged plug a serial port, parallel port, such as PS / 2 interface. 2, check whether there is any problem on capacitance resistance inductance, such as capacitance in bulge, had better change in time, lest leave hidden trouble. Pay attention to the power cord, winding notebook when the power cord to note as far as possible, lest broke the internal cable circuit. If the external power supply is not power, you can try to plug in a laptop battery, if the laptop can normal boot, the power cord could be a laptop or notebook power adapter has a problem. Then use a multimeter test, find out whether there is problem, notebook power supply cord to simplify the fault to solve the difficulty of, don't try to open the laptop power adapter shell from the start. 3, strong chemicals. Don't use strong chemicals, detergent or strong detergents to clean the charger. Remove the charger appearance stains with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol cotton swab. 4, waterproof. As electronics, accidentally or long time need not when exposed to the water in the damp air to its internal electronic components lead to different degree of corrosion and oxidation. 5, drop shock. Mobile charger is a fragile parts, internal components can't afford to break. 6, electrostatic discharge during cleaning. Regularly clean the charger and charging interface. Clean, use a damp cloth, or an anti-static cloth. Do not use dry cloth! In the process of accidentally fall to the ground. Do not throw, beat or vibration charger. 7, prevent cold heat. Don't put the charger in the temperature too high. High temperature will shorten the service life of electronic devices, damage to the charger, make some plastic parts deformation or melting. Nor will the charger in cold places. When the charger in the work environment is too cold, internal temperature rise, the charger will form the moisture, circuit board.
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