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The new car charger, brings the user experience without borders you!

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-15
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the economy is open, the car charger is suitable for go out to travel or business people the pace of life in a hurry, can greatly reduce the cell phone without electricity caused by all kinds of failure to predict events, car-mounted charger is more and more popular and use. Keep the on-board equipment full power is the most basic demand; The new car charger model is as follows: SKC01C1 - 0500100/5W SK02C2 - 0500250/12. 5 w SK02C1 - 0500200/10W SK02C3 - 0500250/12. 5 w SK03C2 - 0500340/17W SK05C2 - QC3。 0/36 w use fire PC material, built-in fuse, support a variety of USB interface and output power, have protection chip, for your equipment to provide perfect protection when charging, with special surface treatment, to users without borders you experience. Appearance looks beautiful light, streamline, and high temperature resistant against electric shock, use safety. In terms of size, these a few car charger with the standard size of designed cigarette lighter, very convenient to carry for on business travel and other people. Support the current one. 0A 2. 0A 3. 4A 4. 8 a output, with one USB output interface, constant voltage mode, high precision and low noise. Are natural cooling, conform to energy efficiency. Internal overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection circuit, high voltage output protection, high temperature protection, four heavy security protection function, safe and more reliable! In addition, 12 - car charger The output voltage of the 24 v supports most of the cars on the market, can charge mobile phone, tablet, small speakers, bluetooth, PSP vehicle traveling data recorder and other electronic products, power supply, charging fully compatible. Car charger in the car at the same time, can also be home, car charger, direct charger, USB charger as one multi-functional purposes. So say: the new car charger, brings the user experience without borders you!
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