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The new SK05T power adapter: 6 levels of energy efficiency

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-11
This power adapter for SK05T model, its size is 104 & times; 50× 33. 5mm。 The power supply design delicate contracted, more smooth edges and corners, have strong, durable and delicate feel shell is able to provide electricity heat thermal problems in the process of transformation. Main body of the whole power supply adopts accord with environmental protection standard of PC material, the surface of the specular appearance, bottom through grind arenaceous processing, have delicate touch, give a person the feeling of a kind of fashion business. At the same time, a integrated shell has no hard cut completely handle, every detail in place, also will improve a lot of products. Power adapter using imported components, in terms of safety and volume has obvious advantages compared with other power supply Standard DC interface, efficient conversion current, security and stability of transmission. Built-in intelligent security protection system, with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over power protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, such as multiple protective functions, eliminate safety hidden trouble to the greatest extent, to protect your charging equipment. All the details of the interpretation of the heart.
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