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The notebook power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-27
The power adapter according to its form a complete set of electrical and electronic equipment is different, with national standard 'the GB4943 - 2001: the safety of the information technology equipment 'and' the GB8898 - 2001: audio, video and similar electronic equipment safety requirements 'as the quality inspection standards, such as notebook computers, cellular phones and other information form a complete set of equipment of the power adapter should accord with the requirement of national standard GB4943, for the language repeater, walkman and other audio and video equipment supporting the power adapter should accord with the requirement of national standard GB8898. Here are a few standard specified in the main performance indicators: 1, 2, 3 rated output voltage, rated output current tag and use 4, power plug size 5, 6, under normal working conditions of electrical shock work fever 7, 8 failure conditions, mechanical strength, the right to choose the charger: as the saying goes: while the iron is hot still need their own hard. When we buy the charger can't covet is cheap, thus buried safe hidden trouble. ( 1) And normal manufacturer production of choose and buy goods. ( 2) , the choose and buy has 'CQC' and '3 c' or other certification marks of products. ( 3) , the choose and buy their mobile phones original form a complete set of charger. ( 4) , see the charger appearance such as: shell fine seam is neat. The charger work environment: ( 1) And waterproof. ( Do not near the bathtub, wash basin, such as water, or use charger damp in the basement. ) ( 2) , prevent cold heat release. ( High temperature will shorten the service life of electronic devices, make the plastic parts deformation or melting. Too cold can make the charger within the moisture, damaged circuit board. ) ( 3) , drop shock. ( Electronic components will circuit board burn, casing damage have get an electric shock risk. ) Do not plug the charger with wet hand, otherwise it may cause electric shock damage.
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