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The power adapter _ accelerated aging experiment

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-02
The power adapter the accelerated aging experiments of 2020-899 08 - 13 15:48:57 in order to ensure the smooth communication link, optic industry has a high requirement on the performance of the power adapter. Reliability obituary card as performance security of optic power adapter, become optic components suppliers and equipment common focus. Air purifier power adapter reliability definition of the reliability of the power adapter, is under prescribed conditions and within the stipulated time, complete the required function ( The normal work) Ability. Over the conditions stipulated in the ring-bearer stipulated time, the power adapter may not be reliable work, and even shorten life. The prescribed conditions Circuit work environment conditions, and the size of the load, and way of working. - the stipulated time Circuit to complete the required function of working time, namely normal work time. The function of the rules - The performance of the circuit. Through the use of a variety of environmental testing equipment model climate environment of high temperature, low temperature, high temperature and high humidity and temperature changes, and so on and so forth, to accelerate the reaction power adapter is in use in the environment condition, to verify whether its reach in the research and development, design, manufacture of the expected quality objectives, thus to evaluate power adapter as a whole, to make sure the power adapter reliability life. Life/failure rate curve ( The tub curve) 生命曲线( 浴盆曲线) Life/failure rate curve is refers to the small power adapter from into scrap the whole life cycle, the change of its reliability present certain regularity. Practice shows that most of the failure rate is a function of time, the typical failure curve is called a tub curve ( Bathtubcurve) Double head, the shape of the curve is high, intermediate low, has obvious stage, can be divided into three stages: childhood fault phase, stable phase fault, old fault phase. Childhood fault ( 婴儿死亡率) : because of the production and processing workmanship, materials used, the causes of some defects such as ring design, make the sample in a very short time resulted from a certain proportion. Stability failure period/random failure period ( 随机故障) : stable work period, most of the period as spontaneous aging cycle performance began to slowly degenerate, failure rate distribution can be set by the 丌 with material technology to model. General obituary as is a stable, the curve of the ring-bearer slowly rising. Old fault ( 磨损) : the service life of the device to, due to the inherent material aging, began to large scale failure. The reliability requirements of the power adapter and the reliability of the accelerated aging universal power adapter need to meet: 24 h operation, restart 2 times a day, on average, 80% data load, plug is less than 200 times, 60 c 60% RH environment, standard voltage, current, standard bitrate, 10 years accumulative total failure rate is less than 20%. Optical communication industry is a branch of electronics industry, its reliability also must satisfy the above condition. In the actual reliability of the power adapter validation, we usually use more than a limited amount of user is accelerated condition stress conditions for experiments, through accelerated aging, the equivalent of a shortened life to reduce the experimental time, thus pushing the power adapter into the market as soon as possible. There are a variety of accelerated aging model, the stress condition of actual life requirements into model and experimental duration, including: thermodynamic model thermal effective: Arrheniusmodel, JMAmodel, is the theoretical basis for the HTOL/HTS. Hot Thermo - mechanical model Mechanical: Norris Landzbergmodel, it is the theoretical foundation of the TC/TS. Thermo - thermal humidity model 水分:派克饰演的,雪莉,帝国 Hakim, Lawson, it is the theoretical basis of DH. Through the reliability experiment method to evaluate overall power adapter, verify whether the power adapter on the development, design, manufacturing to achieve the expected quality objectives. Seriously aging experiments of failure of the power adapter, analyzed the failure reason, is of great help to improve the quality of the power adapter.
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