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The power adapter and function _ meanings

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-29
Power adapter meaning and role of 2020-980 07 - 21 09:19:43 any electronic devices need to dc power adapter to supply circuit work, especially the electronic products, power is supplied by the grid power adapter in order to adapt to the working state of the power grid voltage fluctuations and circuit changes, more changes need to be adapted to the grid voltage and load dc regulated power supply adapter. A switching power adapter is through the direct current into high frequency pulse, and then the electromagnetic transform voltage conversion and voltage stability. Linear regulated power supply adapter is series adjustment of a controlled element directly to the partial pressure of input dc voltage, voltage conversion and voltage regulator, essentially equivalent to a variable resistance in series. A switching power adapter with high efficiency, and will be, booster step-down. Linear regulated power supply adapter only decompression and low efficiency. A switching power adapter will produce high frequency interference, linear regulated power supply adapter, no interference. Each have advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, with the development of electronic technology and people on how to improve the conversion efficiency of regulated power supply adapter and enhance adaptability to power grid, reduce volume and weight of the research, makes the power adapter arises at the historic moment. In the seventy s, the power adapter is applied in the domestic television receiver, now has been widely used in color TV, camcorder, computer, communications systems, medical apparatus and instruments, meteorological and other industries, and gradually replaced the traditional linear regulated power supply series adapter, make the whole machine performance, efficiency and reliability have been further improved. Ordinary series regulated power supply adapter is installed transformer, power adapter has the advantages of stable output voltage, small ripple, but the voltage range is small, efficiency is low. Parallel special regulated power supply adapter output voltage stability, but the load ability is very poor, only commonly inside the instrument for benchmark.
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