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The power adapter and sparks fly between strip?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-30
The power adapter and sparks fly between strip? 2018 - 10 - 23 author: click: whether or not you meet the power adapter plugs in line with pull plug have a fire? Under normal circumstances, manual plug plug, if the load is, how much less will be a little lighter, at the same time there will be smacked you said. The heavier load, Power) , this kind of phenomenon, the more obvious; The lighter load ( Less power) , the phenomenon is not obvious. Say simply, socket and plug, the voltage difference exists in contact moment will be lighter. This process of contact time as short as possible. So, now you see a lot of places with air switch, rather than the old before the plug type with the fuse of the sort of. Because of the open action time is short, lighter is small, not easy to damage the contact. Tiny MP3 power, even if it's battery is empty, the charging current is very small, should not be lighter. May be the problem of the power adapter. Laptop is a little lighter is normal, but it normally would never dropped the level before the empty open top. Appear this kind of circumstance has the following: 1, notebook internal damage to cause a short circuit ( Including the battery) ; 2, power adapter have internal damage cause a short-circuit; 3, there is a kind of situation, socket is loose, not firm, contact will be lighter. In addition, the Suggestions, to form a good habit of electricity plug plug, as far as possible with the right hand operation. One thousand have leakage or other accidents, the current does not directly through the heart, will reduce a lot of danger. The power adapter
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