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The power adapter and switching power supply for details

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-25
The power adapter and switching power supply - 2020 for details 05 - 08 power adapter and switching power supply is different, their specifications, shape, size, density, performance parameters, such as precision is different, its application is also different. The power adapter is mainly suitable for small electrical appliances, electronics, and switch power supply is the transformation of the current control of the switch equipment, applicable to all electronic equipment. Below small make up to concentrate on the characteristics of the power adapter and switching power supply as well as the difference. The characteristics of the power adapter and switching power supply switch power features: is to use through the circuit control switch tube high-speed way and globe, provide the direct current into high frequency alternating current (ac) to variable voltage transformer, producing one or more sets of voltage you need. Into the cause of the high frequency alternating current (ac) is a high frequency ac in transformer transformer circuit efficiency is higher than 50 hz many, can do is very small, so the switch transformer and the work is not very hot, when the cost is very low, if not turn 50 hz into high frequency switching power supply, there is no meaning. The characteristics of the power adapter, power adapter manufacturer production power converter ( Turn both AC DC) , mostly by the alternating current into direct current, then through the computer, it can't protect computer, but there is a storage power storage (computer Also called charger) Can protect the computer, so the power outage. Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, are made of high frequency switch tube and its control circuit. The power adapter is a kind of voltage switching power supply, switching power supply charger with floating function, voltage is smaller and larger, with current in the end is only the voltage without current.
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