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The power adapter and the comparison of switch power supply

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-07
1, the characteristic: the characteristics of the power adapter is: power converter ( Turn both AC DC) By alternating current (ac) transform for direct current (dc), and then through the computer, it can't protect computer, but computer is punctuated with power storage reservoir ( Also called charger) , so it can protect the computer when power cuts. The characteristics of the switching power supply is: use after circuit control switch tube in the way of high speed and the globe. Provide the direct current into high frequency alternating current (ac) to variable voltage transformer, and then demand by one or more sets of voltage! Turn huawei is the cause of the high frequency alternating current (ac) in high frequency ac transformer transformer circuit power is much higher than 50 hz. Can do is very small, so the switch transformer and homework isn't very hot! ! ! ! ! Cost is very low. If do not turn 50 hz into high frequency switch power supply is no significance. Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, are composed of high frequency switch tube and its control circuit. The power adapter is a kind of voltage switching power supply, switching power supply with floating function, voltage is smaller and larger, with current at the end of the day is as long as the voltage without current. 2, differences: switching power supply is a broad categories. The power adapter to switch power supply. 3, operation principle: in reality we come into contact with the power adapter is switching power supply. Switching power supply is to point to by the modern electronic technology, control switch tube registered and turn-off time ratio, to maintain a stable output voltage power supply, power adapter, switching power supply by pulse width modulation (commonly 脉宽调制) Control IC and MOSFET, advantages: high power transformation, small size, can be in wide voltage range.
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