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The power adapter lightning surge immunity test method

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-23
Power adapter lightning surge immunity test method 1, according to the experiment conditions of actual use and installation layout and configuration, including some standard will change reflects the additional resistance signal waveform generator internal resistance. 2, according to the product requirements to order test voltage level and test site. 3, on each selected test area, the interference of positive and negative polarity is put at least five times, each time the surge of maximum repetition rate for 1 times/min. Because most systems use between two surge protective device should have a recovery period, when lightning wave test equipment are doing so there is a maximum weight rate. 4, does the surge wave injection switch power adapter input voltage synchronized asked. If there is no special regulation, usually required in the switch power adapter voltage waveform of zero and a superimposed on the position of the positive and negative peak recovery, so the lightning surge signal equipment is doing. - 5, considering the equipment under test voltage Current transformation characteristic of nonlinear, the test voltage should be gradually increased to product standards specified value, to avoid possible (trial When high test voltage, because there may be a weak in the device under test device breakdown, bypass the test voltage, to pass the test. When test voltage low, however, was not due to weak device breakdown, so the test voltage to the voltage stack on the test equipment, on the contrary make test to pass) 。 6, lightning surge signals shall be added between online and line or line and ground. If want to undertake is the line and ground test, and no special provisions, the test voltage to be, in turn, and between the first thread and ground. But beware: when do line and ground test, sometimes appear standards will interference and superposition in two or more lines over the ground, then the duration of the pulse reduce some. 7, because the test may be destructive, so never to use the test voltage more than the specified value.
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