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The power adapter manufacturer: power adapter features _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-31
The power adapter manufacturer: power adapter characteristics of 2020-825 07 - 28 15:12:26 power adapter with high efficiency, the circuit has the perfect protection measures ( Cover the flow. Over voltage. Temperature) , power with short circuit protection, load short circuit or load, the product is automatically protected. Is a kind of super power supply reliability. Light weight, easy to carry, to replace the traditional transformer. Power supply products are divided into two major categories of indoor use and outdoor use products, outdoor use products enclosed potting, waterproof, suitable for all kinds of environment; Easy installation, can be hung or flat on support object; Indoor use products agency without waterproof function, only suitable for installed indoors. The traditional energy dissipation type linear regulator type power adapter, is actually by series or parallel to load in the circuit components, energy consumption to change its energy consumption size stability load voltage. When the load voltage rise, energy dissipation circuit equivalent resistance increases, lower the load voltage; On the contrary, when the load voltage to reduce energy consumption, reduce resistance, increase the load voltage. Because in the range of the voltage regulator circuit working energy consumption in the linear area, its pressure drop is proportional to the input voltage in the range of rise, inverse ratio to increase/decrease in the load current, so also known as linear regulated power supply adapter, or relative to the current digital circuit, can also be referred to as the analog voltage stabilizing power adapter; Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, are made of high frequency switch tube and its control circuit. The power adapter is a kind of voltage switching power supply, switching power supply charger with floating function, voltage is bigger, according to the current smaller after is only voltage without current. Energy-dependent regulated power supply adapter of energy dissipation is necessary and inevitable, because the regulated process are implemented by size of energy consumption, and because of that, this kind of voltage regulator voltage range is wide, the input/output differential pressure, the greater the energy consumption was greater, it is obvious. After 220 v mains rectifier output 300 v direct current, to such a stable output voltage regulator of 5 v, 12 v low voltage direct current (dc) is impossible. Energy dissipation type low voltage output voltage regulator must be used with power frequency transformer, causing voltage stabilizer size, weight increase, at the same time also adds additional loss ( Copper loss and iron loss of transformer) 。 Filtering efficiency is greatly improved, has greatly reduced capacity of filter capacitor and volume. The working frequency of the switch power adapter now is basically work in more than 50 KHZ, is 1000 times bigger than the linear regulated power supply adapter, which made after rectifying filtering efficiency is almost 1000 times; Even if use after the half-wave rectifier with capacitor filter, efficiency is also improved 500 times. Under the same ripple output voltage, using switch power supply, filter capacitor filter capacitance in the linear regulated power supply capacity is only 1/500 ~ 1/1000. The presence of the switching voltage stabilizer, completely changed the concept of the voltage regulator. As the name suggests, the switching voltage stabilizer is through the switch action, make continuous direct current intermittent pulse, again through the energy storage filter element, the discrete pulse into a continuous direct current. Switching voltage stabilizer using output stage, repeat switch 'on' and 'off' state, and the energy storage unit ( Capacitor and inductor) Together to produce the output voltage. Its adjustment is through the sample according to the output voltage feedback to adjust the switching time. As long as you control the on/off time ratio can change output voltage, and then through the change of the output voltage control on/off time, can make the output voltage stability. Obviously, if the on/off with ideal properties in the process, there should be no loss of switch time than can range is very large. Therefore, switching voltage stabilizer 300 v dc voltage output directly to 5 v is possible, save the power frequency transformer, this is one of the biggest advantage of this power adapter. 2 w/CMS, and compared to the output power of energy dissipation type stabilizer, non-ferrous metal material consumption is reduced by more than 90%. The power adapter types, performance gap is great, but each has advantages and special field, so it is difficult to comparing with energy stabilizer on the specific data.
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