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The power adapter of the surge current is what mean? _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-23
The power adapter of the surge current is what mean? 1539, 2020 - 06 - 22 16:11:19 switching power supply at the instant of the input power transmission will be a brief ( 1/2 ~ 1 power cycle, EX: 60 hz power supply 1/120 ~ 1/60 of a second) The large current ( According to the product design is about 20 ~ 100 a, please refer to the product specification) And boot products will return to normal after the current input, either at the power input end moment every time will appear, this is a normal phenomenon, will not cause the damage of the power supply. But don't recommend continuous power supply switch on/off the phone. Should be paid attention to the other, if you use more than one power supply switch on at the same time, may cause power distribution systems protection switch tripping action, suggest that more than one power supply should be between one by one open, or use the power on/off the function of remote control products.
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