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The power adapter _ radio interference test

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-24
Power adapter from the radio interference test in 2020-366 11 - 06 11:23:31 as the commercialization of power adapter is domestic first designated as one of the emc certification is required. The evaluation focuses on their external disturbance emission (at work Including two aspects of conduction and radiation) And the impact of the quality of power supply. Harassment test using GB4824 - adapter 1996 'industrial, scientific and medical ( ISM) Radio frequency equipment electromagnetic disturbance characteristics of measuring methods and limit '( With reference to CISPR11 - 1990 and equivalent conversion) Provided by the method. According to GB4824 - 1996 standards for the classification of the disturbance source, the equipment is divided into two groups: refers to a set of equipment for exerting its function to contain special produce or use all conduction coupled rf energy industry, and medical equipment; Another set of equipment is to point to to meet the needs of the material handling, spark erosion, and other functions and to use the energy of electromagnetic radiation or contains special produce all industry, medical equipment. From the above definition, the adapter when belong to the first set of equipment. In addition, GB4824 - 1996 depending on the equipment used by power supply network, the equipment is divided into two categories, A, B. Class A equipment is domestic, not directly connected to the residential low-voltage power grid industry, of all the facilities, medical equipment; Class B equipment is within the household facilities and directly connected to the residential low-voltage power grid infrastructure industry, and medical equipment. From the above classification, adapter could belong to both categories of equipment. 1. Measuring instrument, artificial power adapter network, antenna and the test site ( 1) Measuring instrument used with quasi-peak detector and average interference receiver, the performance should be consistent with CISPR16 - 1 or the corresponding national standard GB/T6113. 1 ( The guide to the measurement of radio disturbance and noise immunity equipment specification) Requirements. In the frequency range of the avs standards, generally use two different frequency interference receiver, respectively is 9 KHZ to 30 MHZ, 30 ~ 1000 MHZ ( 2) Artificial power adapter network in the power adapter the conduction disturbance voltage tests, impedance should be adopted for 50/50 yh artificial power adapter network ( V network) , should comply with the CISPR16 - its characteristics 1 and GB/T6113. 1. The main effect of artificial power adapter network is to try and effective separation between the power adapter, at the same time, the sample (s) to provide a stable high frequency impedance. ( 3) Antenna in 9 KHZ to 30 MHZ band, has a shielding ring antennas will be used. In 30 ~ 1000 m1hz spectrum using balance dipole antenna. ( 4) Test site 9 KHZ ~ 1000 MHZ band radiation test site should be the venue for an open, flat, no overhead lines within its border, near no reflection structure ( Such as reinforced concrete buildings and tall trees, etc. ) , and has a large enough size, make the antenna sample (s), and can be fully separated between reflection structure. Meet the radiation test site should be a standard by the long axis is equal to twice the focal length ( F)
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