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The power adapter shielding principle of electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-26
Power adapter shielding principle of electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference in 2020-791 08 - 05 11:29:39 power adapter manufacturers usually adopts the electromagnetic interference ( EMI) And radio frequency interference ( RFI) Shielding measures to protect sensitive digital circuit from external radiation, at the same time also limits its own products from the potentially harmful radiation. But the power adapter manufacturers face daunting challenges that could satisfy the requirement of EMI/RFI shielding, such as material selection, and convert the selected materials into effective shielding components. In order to address these challenges, many power adapter OEM manufacturers turn to professional company engaged in the flexible material. In the early stages of a project, leading firms can provide key technical support to improve product design and manufacturability. Leading conversion business also has automation equipment and well-trained professionals engaged in the business requirements of all kinds of translation work. The power adapter is the basic principle of shielding EMI/RFI shielding power adapter, television, radio, mobile phone, speaker power adapter and computer, and many other consumer electronic products, as well as in the field of medical and aviation equipment used in the required functions. The equipment of shielding functions are realized by Faraday box. The Faraday box cover all electronic components, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic radiation. Faraday box is made of many flexible material. 诸如3 m、ParkerChomerics LairdTechnologies,圣- Gobain, Permacel and IntertapePolymerGroup company is the manufacturer of flexible material. Common materials are (EMI/RFI 1) Metal foil tape: relatively easy to manufacture. Use aluminum foil and copper foil backing tape without expensive metal plating was carried out on the shell can provide excellent shielding performance. ( 2) Metal filling rubber: the material is suitable for the shielding applications demand gap filling and shock absorption. ( 3) Wire mesh: mainly used for EMI gasket. Wire mesh material of heat dissipation effect is better than the metal foil, but heavier weight, and take up more space.
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