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The power adapter SK06T, rechargeable drones

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-02
Unmanned aircraft referred to as 'unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), is the use of wireless remote control device and program control device of his own manipulation of unmanned aircraft, first appeared in the 1920 s, today, consumer drones have DiJiaHua into the ordinary life, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on the application has been diversified. The power adapter as one of the important parts of uavs, demand is also growing. Domestic famous manufacturers in view of the current power industry the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) market trends and the application requirement of consumers, recently launched a six levels of energy efficiency power adapter SK06T, solves the demand of the uav. It is worth mentioning that the power adapter SK06T also has 16. Eight v3a flow output voltage and current value range is small, can guarantee the stability of the transmission in the process of charging current. Second, the power adapter SK06T has standard DC output interface design and strong compatibility, 100 - 240 v wide voltage input, to help users easily recharge unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). In terms of safety performance, power adapter SK06T built-in over voltage, short circuit and over current protection, stable output voltage, better protection of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).
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