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The production process of the power adapter

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-19
Switch power adapter, which is also called the power adapter, also have a charger; Is an external power supply conversion device, can often from the alternating current into direct current, at the same time can change voltage. Switch power adapter is in everybody's life. Because everyone needs to use the electronic accessories, such as mobile phone/tablet charger, or home broadband cats, the router will need to use switch power adapter. The daily use of the switch power adapter production process is what? Shenzhen today to introduce for you. From development to production formally, in two stages. A, development process: first of all, according to using need, appearance design, make sure good after. Open the mould, the production casing. Secondly, according to the performance requirements, electronic engineers to develop electronic circuit parts, choose appropriate solution, design electronic schematic diagram, and draw the circuit board ( PCB) Drawings to the PCB manufacturer to make the sample of the PCB. Then, electronic engineer handmade samples, the samples and then to the performance test, assembly test, aging test and other tests. Then, after the sample test ok. Development of PCB production mold. For small batch trial-produce. Will test in the production process has some problems. Then make a corresponding adjustment. Finally, the circuit board, PCB) Finalized, PCB if there is a change, need to open mold. Production specifications, work instructions, inspection instructions and other relevant files. Second, the production process: 1, SMT ( SMT) : material preparation, after inspection, the PCB SMT process through the SMT machine first; 2, plug-ins ( 倾斜) : better ones of the PCB, in a plug-in, plug-in process. DIP will be subdivided: plug-in, presses, immersion tin, electronic foot cutting process; 。 3, after welding, Repair welding) : in the plug-in, circuit board after immersion tin, tin some electronic components is not good, after welding, time is needed to solve. After the welding process is subdivided into: pull a wave soldering: through welding good plug-in to draw the machine again, immersion tin tin without good electronic materials; Kanban repair welding: usually a PCB points area, many people manually kanban, no good tin, manual and again good, there are electronic components is less, not good, should also be marked; Fill in electronic materials, electronic materials against, less a corrective process; QC test 1: through the production of form a complete set of test tools. Will bare board test, test OK, give to the next procedure, test didn't pass, give a mechanic to repair; 4, the assembly: this process is most complex, most test a process with the production technology level. 一个。 Welding line: the DC line, the welding on the bare plate. Under the AC line welded to the shell shell on the metal parts. b。 Glue: easy to fall off during the transit, broke the plastic components. Line through a transformer, filter, AC and DC line of solder joints, etc. c。 Packing: switch power adapter shell together. d。 QC test 2: through the computer integrated test instrument, test whether the output performance. If not in the past, to a mechanic repaired at the scene. Again the test until pass the test. e. Repair: repair test without using switch power adapter. f。 A screw: fix the casing. Some shell is the use of ultrasound. On the I. The QC test 3 is behind; h。 Aging test: the dozen good screw products, transferred to aging workshop, aging test. Aging test after a certain period of time. Then transfer back to full inspection of the QC test the final assembly drawing. 我。 QC test 3: finally a full inspection, the product after aging test, to carry on the full inspection, if not through, back to e. Repair. Test by following a process. j。 Shell ultrasonic: if screws are used and there is no need for this process. k。 QC: appearance here need to pick out the appearance has a problem. Replace the shell. l Stick nameplate: visual inspection after ok. The products labeled accordingly. m。 Packing: product through layer upon layer after inspection. The packaging of finished products. 5, sampling observation of quality: the finished production of finished products, in accordance with the relevant national quality inspection standard for checking. Sampling includes functionality, appearance, etc. After checking by quality department, before leaving the factory.
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