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The scope of the power adapter 3 c authentication _

by:Fuyuang     2020-12-20
The scope of the power adapter 3 c authentication, 365-2020 11 - 06 11:19:52 power adapter 3 c certification is actually the English name 'China CompulsoryCertification' ( China compulsory product certification system) English abbreviation, is also the unification of the country on compulsory product certification mark. As a national security certification ( CCEE) , import safety quality license system ( CCIB) Emc certification, China ( EMC) Triad 'CCC' certification authority, is China's general administration of quality supervision, inspection and in line with international standards by state Certification and Accreditation Administration of an advanced symbol, has the irreplaceable importance. It is the Chinese government in accordance with the relevant wto agreements and the international prevailing rules, to protect consumers and plant and animal life safety, protect environment, protect national security, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. Released its main features are: national unified directory, determine the applicable national standards, technical regulations and implementation procedures, formulate unified logo logo, unified fee standards. Products, all included in the compulsory product certification directory must be authenticated by the authentication institutions designated by the state qualified, acquire the related certificates and add after the certification marks, in order to the factory, import, sales, and in the business services. China released the first must pass the compulsory certification of products a total of 19 categories of one hundred and thirty-two kinds. Mainly including wire and cable, low voltage electrical appliances, information technology equipment, safety glass, fire control products, motor vehicles tires, latex products, etc. 3 c logo on the product surface, generally or pressure on products through moulding, see will find a number of small diamond 'CCC' memorization. Behind each of the 3 c mark has a random code, each random code has the corresponding manufacturer and product. Certification marks distribution management center in the mandatory product certification marks, which are coded input computer database, the corresponding products consumers can through the state compulsory product certification marks anti-counterfeiting query system for query code. The first implementation of the compulsory product certification of products, wire and cable ( A total of 5) Electric wire components, mine rubber set soft cable, ac rated voltage up to and including 3 kv railway locomotive vehicle use wire and cable, rated voltage up to and including 450/750 rubber insulated wire and cable, rated voltage up to and including 450/750 PVC insulated wire and cable, or connection with electric circuit switch and protection devices, A total of 6 kinds of) Coupler ( Household, industrial, and similar instruments) , plug socket ( Household, industrial, and similar purposes) , thermal fuse body, small fuse tube fuse body, household and similar fixed electrical device switch, household and similar fixed electrical device three, low-voltage electrical appliances accessories shell ( A total of 9) Leakage protector, the circuit breaker ( Including the RCCB, RCBO, MCB) , fuses, low voltage switch ( Isolator, isolating switch, fuse combination electric appliance) And other circuit protection device [ Protector: current limiter, circuit protection, over current protector, thermal protector, overload relays, low-voltage electromechanical contactors, motor starter] , relays, 36V< Voltage on 1000 v) And other switch ( Electric switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, proximity switch, foot switch, thermal switches, liquid level switch, button switch, limit switch, micro switch, reversing switch, temperature switch, trip switch, switch, automatic switch, knife switch) And other devices, Contactor, motor starter, lamp, auxiliary contact components, main controller, ac motor controller semiconductor and starter) Four, small power motor, low voltage switchgear ( A total of 1) Five small power motor, electric tools, A total of 16) A drill ( Including impact electric drill) , electric screwdriver and impact wrench, electric grinding machine, sanding machine, circular saw, electric hammer ( Including electric pick) , no flammable liquid spray gun, the electric scissors ( Contain double electric scissors and electric shearing) , tapping machine, reciprocating saws, Curve saw, inadvertently included) , plug-in concrete vibrator, electric chain saw, planer, electric pruning shears and electric cut grass, bakelite milling and electric trimming machine, stone cutting machine, Including marble cutting machine) Six, electric welding machine ( A total of 15) Small ac arc welding machine, ac arc welding machine, dc arc welding machine, TIG welding machine, MIG/MAG welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, plasma arc cutting machine, plasma arc welding machine, arc welding transformer electric shock prevention device, welding cable coupling device, electric resistance welding machine, welding wire feeding device, TIG welding torch, MIG/MAG welding gun, welding clamp
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