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by:Fuyuang     2019-12-11
Portability and travel can be cousins, but they are two different things.
Portability is what you bring there from here.
Travel is something you need to keep using while you are there.
So, this month, we\'ll look at something that might be useful when you\'re away for a while, but still need your electronic support system to help make your life easier --and familiar.
Tarriss jetsetter portable digital baggage SCALEIt seems to be a small thing, but the airline charges for checked baggage, knowing that you don\'t exceed the weight limit makes more sense for some people. (
This is especially the case for international travel with greater restrictions. )
Using a scale seems to be the easiest way
This may be, but there is a warning: if you use digital scales, they may become picky when they are low weight, or if they don\'t have multiple scales, they don\'t even register at all
The sensor, but rather, just the sensor on the side where the foot is.
Therefore, the baggage scale can meet the demand
They have their own warnings though.
Of course, they need to be precise, but these small devices run a range of high quality.
They need to be light (and small)
Because the use of bulky scales to consume valuable weight and space can destroy some purpose.
Tarriss Jetsetter impressed me in almost every way.
Its construction quality is very reliable and in fact comes with a lifetime warranty.
It weighs only three ounces, about the size of a cigar and comes with a hanging strap.
The hooks used by some luggage scales are not as good as the attached straps (
How Jetsetter works)
Because it can keep the luggage stable.
You pick up the connected luggage and let it rest for a few seconds until the numbers are readout locks.
This is also a benefit. non-
Locking the device requires you to maneuver to a position where you can read numbers while changing the read-out.
With Tarris, you can put your luggage back on the ground once the weight is locked.
Switching between lbs and KG is as simple as switching the power button.
Very easy to read LCD Display-
I hope it\'s a bit darker though.
It comes with a built-inin long-
Lithium battery life.
I like it using a battery that doesn\'t need to be replaced for a long time and it\'s in a tight state
Covered compartment.
However, this needs to be screwed off the compartment if you need to replace the battery.
Jett will weigh 110 pounds (
Far exceeding the requirements of any airline)
And claims to be accurate internally. 2 ounces.
My tests show that it does a good job, although my \"home lab\" is limited in this area --
However, on Amazon, the device acts as a 5-
In 123 reviews, the star rating and the response there also supported the statement of accuracy.
To be clear, Jetsetter is not available to everyone.
This is the case with all luggage scales.
If you are a person who has a hard time lifting heavy bags, then you are likely to struggle with any such equipment as they all need to lift your luggage.
However, be aware that this is not the case of carrying a 50 pound suitcase through the airport.
You can simply grab the handle with two hands and hold it there for about five seconds until it is locked and put it down.
The retail price of the Tarriss Jetsetter portable digital luggage scale is $40 with 25-
If you sign up for their newsletter (
And provide free \"ultimate insider guide for airport travel \")
, But you can also find it on the Internet for only $20 when writing.
DIVOOM vooombox TRAVELI has reviewed portable speakers earlier this year and is considering including Divoom vooombox in this column.
But I dedicated that article to those special-
Small, and ooombox (
Small though, very Portable)
It is by no means \"special\" small.
Some of its features make it suitable for travel.
This includes not only its name.
The size of the ooombox is equivalent to a flat baseball.
Before I go into any details, I\'ll say in advance that it\'s one of the best sounds in any small speaker I \'ve tested, if not the best. (
Note that all sound judgments are subjective. )
It\'s bigger than most other small laptops, so it\'s not something you put in your pants pocket --
But it is still small and can be placed in the jacket pocket or in the accessory or suitcase of the trip.
The bass is particularly impressive for this small thing, with clear and clear sound.
The treble is not that strong, but it is still strong and there is no flaw in the sound.
It is worth noting that this is always a little bit of Bluetooth when using Bluetooth
Lower sound compared to using the plugin cable. (
This is Bluetooth.
Just, you can\'t plug it into the Speaker, that\'s the only real complaint I have.
Although the sound is good, the problem is a bit meaningless.
With a range of up to 33 feet m)
The Speaker is also very large and the output power is 4 W x2.
But another feature of it with most portable speakers is that it helps make it suitable for travel.
It is clear that this is not \"waterproof\" and you can\'t throw it into the lake and expect it to continue working.
But there is a hook to hang the speaker on the shower head and you will be safe if it drops briefly in some shallow water for a while.
So when you\'re on the road and you don\'t have your favorite radio in the bathroom, you can play your music here.
In addition, there is a built-in
Handheld microphone-
Free phone calls.
Divoom ooombox travel is very good --
Strong and strong.
Good button. marked. It has s 6-
Charge the battery for hours.
As I said, it\'s not the smallest portable device if this is what you want.
But small enough-just 3.
5 \"diameter, 1. 75\" In height.
It\'s a hefty 9.
5 ounces, more than you want,-really -
It\'s small and very portable.
There are more portable speakers and the sound quality is very good.
But the ooombox can be said to be the best sound to use in the shower and the trip was fantastic.
At the time of writing this report, it retails for $50 and, before diving into the three I will review here, mainly locks TSA LOCKA a few words about travel locks.
Obviously, locking your checked baggage doesn\'t work these days as TSA has to be able to get into your luggage when needed. So, TSA-
Approved locks have been developed.
This allows special TSA passwords to open any such lock.
There are two criteria: Travel Sentry (
Marked with a diamond logo)
Safe sky
With the torch logo).
Okay, using TSA-
The approved lock now allows you to protect your bag.
The bad thing is that the lock adds weight, which can be a problem with traveling overseas.
TSA officials have the potential to miss the sign and just cut off the lock and not accept it by every international country --though many do.
It\'s better to check it first. Don\'t assume it.
Also, one should not think that TSA locks will keep your property safe.
They are not the most substantial lock on the market, but the lock used for luggage
In addition, there are other ways to enter your luggage, especially if you have soft luggagecloth bag.
But they are a deterrent to thieves: if there is a pile of luggage in the airport, a lock, nothing else, it is better to take the luggage that is easiest to open.
Doing research on TSA.
Lock, there seems to be a pattern where many of the locks have problems, some of them are broken and sometimes some of them cannot be opened.
However, the three brands I commented on here have the best record in a wide range of user reviews.
Finally, while I prefer locks with four dials, which provide more security, these days seem hard to find for some reason, so all the dials tested here have
Locked now.
The main lock is one of the long locks.
Standing in the leadership of the lock, they have a variety of TSA-approved locks.
I looked at 4860D for our purposes.
This is a sturdy steel lock with Travel Sentry approval.
Twisted numbers have a solid feeling that you arrange them in a box aligned along the side.
To set the combination, rotate the arm for a quarter while selecting the number, push down and hold down.
Although this is easy, if you have to be careful not to let your hands slide down during the process.
Once opened, the arm is easily rotated, which helps to get it through the clip you plan to connect.
The retail price is $12.
67, but at the time of writing this report, Amazon was very cheap for $7.
However, unlike the other two completely satisfactory lifetime warranties below, the main lock has a lifetime warranty but is limited.
Kolumbo tsa lock Kolumbo TSA lock is similar to the main lock above, but there are several significant differences (plus and minus). It\'s well-
It\'s a solid feeling, and I especially like to set up a combination that\'s the easiest of all three Test locks here --
Twist your arm, push it down, and twist it again.
No need to hold it down.
This allows your hands to adjust the numbers freely, which are clearly displayed in small boxes.
A minor drawback is that unless the arm is in the right position and needs to be shaken gently occasionally, the arm does not rotate smoothly when it is opened, although it is clear that it does get good.
Kolumbo has the functionality I like, and if the TSA agent has to open the lock, a small button pops up to let you know if this is done outside of your sight.
It comes with a complete lifetime warranty (
If you are not happy with it for any reason, they will take it back)
The retail price is $18, but at the time of writing this report, Amazon sold it for $14.
Strangely, you can only find information about locks on Amazon, not on Kolumbo\'s own website. [
There is also a minor issue: the Kolumbo lock has several colors, but I would avoid the red one because it is the same color as the tourist Sentinel logo, which reminds TSA officials that this is the TSA lock, \"Red vs. Red\" has the risk of being missed.
The tarriss tsa cable lock is slightly different from the direction of the Travel Sentry
TSA locks using flexible steel cables instead of more traditional iron rods.
My first assumption is that I prefer the \"sturdy\" bar --
I have used locks before, but I realize that there is an advantage in the cable (
Of course, this is very strong).
This is because the cable is thinner and more flexible, allowing you to thread between small holes in the zipper or any other small space you want to lock in.
Dial and connection-Good arrow-
Marked and easy to rotate.
However, changing the combo is a bit of a vaudeville, because when you set the number you want, hold the pin in with the tip of the pen.
I really messed up the first time, and No.
But the second attempt went well. (
When setting the combination on the second lock, I slipped again, though it was right to do so. )
Of course, setting up a combo is something you might only do once per lock.
The Tarriss lock uses the button at the top to pop up the cable very conveniently.
The lock feels good-
The same sturdy construction as the Tarris luggage scale is made with a lifetime warranty.
When you sign up, it also comes with a free copy of Tarriss\'s surprisingly good ultimate insider guide for airport travel.
It is a PDF file.
You can also subscribe to regular travel article updates for free, which I found to be good.
The lock is double.
Packaged retail for $40, but found online at the time of writing, for only $19.
Strangely, like Kolumbo, there is no [on the Tarriss site [
But only through Amazon.
It is equipped with a \"100% satisfaction guarantee\" lifetime warranty.
LENMAR MUTANTLenmar is a company that produces high quality products, mainly producing products in the field of batteries and portable chargers.
I haven\'t looked at all of their devices yet, but whenever I look at them I\'m impressed with their firmness and good --
They have already done it.
The mutant is no exception.
Still, I do have some questions about the feasibility of it for most consumers, although if you need it, especially when traveling (
So it\'s included here)
You should be happy.
The mutant is a very high.
Portable Charger with a capacity of 20,800 mAh (
It\'s like a dozen charges for a mobile phone)
Not only can this be charged low
Power supply devices such as mobile phones and portable speakers, as well as tablets with higher power requirements.
In addition, it is equipped with an international power adapter that can be used around the world.
In the end, the reason I decided to review it as a travel product was the international power adapter.
It\'s not the only use.
Or even its main use for most people.
But because it stands out (Even unique)
Function, I think it is better to pay special attention to it.
The mutant is a box below 5 \"x 6\" x 1 \"and weighs 10 ounces.
So, this is not the wallet or briefcase you carry with you every day.
It is placed at home as a device that allows you to charge up to four devices at a time.
All good locationmarked (
Too many other things missingunits).
There are two 1 mAh USB ports for mobile phones and small devices, and one 2.
4 mAh port for tablet, 2 more.
4 mAh port for IPad (
Different power needs).
A series of very bright lights will let you know how much electricity is left.
In addition, this can be used as a good backup in case of power failure or emergency.
You will be able to power all your mobile devices extensively.
But I think this mutant is very good.
Suitable for traveling.
Just put this unit in your suitcase and be ready to charge in your hotel room.
Finding wall sockets in hotel rooms can be a challenge.
But with the mutant.
Its huge capacity
You don\'t need a wall socket, you just need to plug in the device.
If you are traveling long distances and do need to charge the mutant, all you need to do is plug in this device.
There is no random AC cable in the room.
Another impressive feature is that the mutant is equipped with an international adapter that can be used around the world.
You can have a smaller, lighter portable charger when you go abroad, but if you don\'t have the ability to charge the charger, you\'re out of luck.
The mutant provides an adapter and has a 100-240 V input.
So, that\'s good.
And there are many.
But as I said, I do have some questions about the viability of most people.
The main problem is that it is heavy and bulky.
So, while it\'s a portable device, its carrying range is limited.
Using a mutant at home though it works well
But if you are at home, you can plug your device into a wall or charge it on your computer.
As mentioned earlier, it is perfect for traveling
However, when traveling, the weight is relatively high, especially when traveling abroad. (
To be fair, the weight of domestic travel or car road travel is not a problem. )
It also charges with proprietary power blocks instead of the basic USB power cord, which means you have more weight to pack--
And things that may be lost. (
All individual adapters should have at least one suitcase. )
Although many portable chargers are now built in
In the cable, you have to provide your own cable for the mutant.
In the end, it was rather expensive, when it was retail for $199.
Like I said, these are general-purpose issues.
But to be clear, I do think the Lenmar mutant is very useful to some people --
Despite its large weight, the large capacity, four USB ports and international adapters can make it a number of important devices, especially those that travel abroad frequently.
If a person has a lot of weight
Use a device that always needs to be charged, four USB is valuable, one
Stop charging the device instead of finding an empty wall socket or multiple outlets
Port AC charger.
This is a very good portable charging device if you are on the road a lot.
A great defender.
Prepare for an emergency
And it\'s really good. made.
So while I have some questions about whether a Lenmar mutant can find a general requirement, it definitely fits many specific requirements.
SATECHI travel router/travel adapter is an essential device when traveling abroad.
They convert the stand plug of your home country into the stand plug of any country you visit.
I \'ve reviewed a few in the past and their range is handy, but Satechi is easily the most unique.
The first thing: as a travel adapter, this is a convenient self
Contains equipment.
This is your personal choice.
Those of the self
Although they are a bit bulky and heavy, it has no separate parts to follow.
The light with the switchable plug is light, but you need a bag to prevent the parts from being lost.
Satechi makes things more convenient than most people, where you have to figure out which area the particular plug fits
It has a sliding knob that clearly marks the United StatesK. / Europe / USA-AUST.
When adjusting the knob, the correct plug pops up.
On the other hand, it is designed like this and any device you insert will fit as long as 6 amps or less.
It has a 6 amp fuse so you can prevent overheating. (
Note: most standard trip adapters like this do not convert the output current and voltage.
They just provide the right plug.
Your device must be 100-
The AC voltage is 240 V and the AC voltage is 50 V.
60hz is very standard for small electronic products. )
There are also two slots with 2 output per slot.
1 amp can be plugged into any standard USB device just like you need to charge your tablet.
So it does not need to pack the extra charger.
But what makes it unique is the travel router.
Most people may not need a travel router, however. . .
Even if you\'re low in technology, it\'s good to have one. For instance -
Guest room of your hotel (
Or any room you stay in)
There may be weak Wi-
It can be used as a booster to increase the range of signals.
Or maybe only Ethernet cable in the hotel room.
But you may not have an Ethernet port on your computer or tablet.
You can plug the cable into Satechi and convert it to wireless WiFi. (
Yes, I know the \"Wireless WiFi\" is redundant. . . )
Most people are unlikely, but you may encounter a smart TV or video game console that requires an Ethernet cable connection.
Again, you can use Satechi as a wireless adapter, which is the opposite of the above: it converts the wireless signal to a wired signal.
But in the most basic case, you may find that you don\'t have a WiFi router at all.
This is a router so it will create a personal WiFi connection for you.
Now, while it may sound very convenient if needed, technically it also sounds complicated.
But Satechi did a great job in simplifying the process of using he equipment while traveling on the road.
This is easy, but there are some configurations.
The manual explained things very clearly, although the manual was very thin in detail, I found it helpful to track Satechi\'s own in-
YouTube videos do better.
However, setting the device to a separate home router is another thing: I think the information in the manual is particularly weak,
House video did not solve the problem.
But I suspect most people will get this device for the sake of traveling.
For using it on the road, basically you can plug the travel router into the socket on the wall
Then look for all the relevant information on the device itself.
For example, it displays the SSID. (
This is the name you are looking for in the WiFi list for your computer or tablet. )
It also gives you the website address to log in and create a WiFi signal.
It even shows the default password. . .
You can change it after you log in to the site address. (
When I first looked at the site, I think the site was closed.
It turned out to be a user error.
First of all, you have to get your local network to start broadcasting.
It explains this in the manual and you will be fine if you follow it strictly.
But as I mentioned above, there is very little to explain this and there is no additional detail that would help.
But, as noted,
The video of the house is better.
Anyway, I logged in to one and then I can access the online settings that are very easy to use.
While more details may be good for most people, especially where it requires you to enter your password. )
Obviously, I haven\'t tested this yet at hotels overseas.
However, in most cases, it works well at the pace I complete it.
It is not the most powerful router, but you are looking for convenience.
In addition, the internal names of some hotels are also unique.
Family network that may not play with Satechi. (
For example, when you set up content on the Quick Settings page, the network name with spaces does not pass, although I have read it, you can manually type the full name to complete it. )
Also, it only supports passwords with numbers and letters, so using special characters doesn\'t work, which is for those high
Safety awareness.
At the time of writing, it retails for $44, but can find $22 online.
If you only need a basic travel adapter, someone else will do it more simply and lighter.
But it is very light and if you can find it for $22 it is a very good price because you can also get its versatility if you need it.
I found that it seems to work well and is an interesting travel device.
Tylt energi monthly K trip CHARGEROkay-
And a portable charger.
But how can I not include it in a travel article in this world?
TYLT is a company and I really like its range of products because of its design, intelligence and structure.
The device is small, basic, but valuable.
At first glance it just looks like an AC charger with a foldable plug. (
By the way, I like the charger with the foldable plug, which makes it easier for them to carry).
Plug in the USB cable to charge the device.
Very good, very easy.
In addition to the second feature Energi 2 k-
Pull it out of the wall socket and you have a portable charger because it has 2 mAh output power enough to charge the phone.
This is a very clever design that provides good use as an AC wall charger and portable charger
The other one I love is more
Functional equipment.
I have only one warning, but it is worth noting.
Small capacity, no built-in-
Charging cable-
At the same time, myCharge also produced hub 6000 with AC plug, but also doubled the capacity and built-in capacityin USB cables.
It is clear that it is larger and heavier, and that the cost is much higher, although highly portable.
At the time of writing, TYLT Energi 2k retails at $40, while myCharge retails at $100, although $75 can be found online.
Often, your needs determine what is most valuable to you.
I happened to find out.
Important cable.
But if you want a lighter and cheaper portable charger, it can also be used as a wall charger with an AC plug, which is easy to stick to your pocket ---
You can do it with a charging cable. -
Energi 2k is a very nice little device.
In fact, with that in mind, I think the best place to travel is if you\'re looking for a basic wall charger, energi 2k is a great choice for dual use.
Yes, it will cost a little more, but it is a good option to buy a portable charger when you need itup to have. TYLT SYNCABLE-
Charging and synchronizing cables for DUO?
Is this just a cable? ?
What the hell is this? ? !
There is no doubt that there are bags of cables around you.
But that\'s the point here.
People usually need to carry several USB cables when traveling, one of which is a micro cable
USB, one of the Apple Lightning, and maybe others, all of which are distorted and you have to unlock them when you want to use them.
The TYLT Syncable-
Duo did so well as a company-
Design things skillfully and increase use.
This is a cable with two plugs.
Lightning and MicroUSB -
Between each other suddenly.
So, you only need this cable when you travel, this is a non-tangle design.
A rubber strip keeps the two plugs connected.
It looks solid when I drag it, though I don\'t know if a serious yank can break it.
But it would be nice to treat it humanly.
At the time of writing, afoot Syncable-
The retail price for Duo is $25. (There\'s a 3.
$3 feet. )
Obviously, if you have a lot of cables, you may decide that you don\'t need to play for it.
But keep in mind that if you have to buy a certified Lightning cable, the cost of it alone (
It\'s about $10. 14)
Might help prove this.
Also, I found it very convenient to throw in the briefcase (or suitcase)
Don\'t worry about grabbing the right one every time, and have to unlock it.
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