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Three new PD convenient charger

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-19
Quick charge technology gradually spread, many people have some idea of quick charge technology. PD is a quick charge protocol, and the Type - C is a kind of new interface specification. 类型, C interface default maximum support 5 v / 3 a, but in the realization of the USB PD after agreement, can make the output maximum support to 100 w. So a lot of practical Type - now C interface equipment can support USB PD agreement. Terms of the quality of manufacturing, there is no doubt. Charger contracted appearance as usual, and it has the appearance of the round, the shell is very comfortable class frosted plastic skin feeling, be brief and good-looking, the product has two kinds of black and white colour collocation, the entire surface is seamless design, free replacement for each region of the plug, also can choose fixed plug or cable connection. Look at PD quick charge cable design, use PVC material, with high strength and high resilience, soft features, main content of science and technology is quick charge adapter support PD agreement. PD fast electric products as the domestic companies and extensive use of a line of original metal, solid materials, the design is rigorous, concise appearance inside is very perfect, the internal circuit of support for a variety of quick charge agreement, quick charge batteries, not suitable for the vast majority of mobile phones, tablet and ( USB - C interface) Laptop computers and other digital devices. From a USB PD compatibility, PD rechargeable battery charger is impeccable, support 5 v, 9 v, 12 v, 15 v, 20 v five charging voltage, let users have more freedom when choosing PD charger. All three products also have the patent for utility model and appearance patents.
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