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To make our lives hassle-free, Gadgets play an

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-14
A Gadget like digital picture converter is specially made for the slides and negatives films. This digital picture converter can easily convert an old slide or negative films into a digital picture. It has a TFT color display to easily view the picture. A touch button is there on the device that helps in converting the picture. After converting the picture, you can easily save it in the device. It can save up to 56 pictures with 32 MB flash memory. Bluetooth is becoming one of the most useful Gadgets of 21st century. Now you can even use Bluetooth in your car. A Bluetooth speaker phone is actually attached to the steering wheel of the car. It also has two speakers with an adapter charger. You can easily accept or reject calls with this device. You can also save up to 600 phone numbers in the phonebook of this device. Portable Gadgets such as shirt pocket digital television, GPS device, video camera pen, etc. are also gaining a lot of popularity in this technological era. If you are willing to buy a shirt pocket digital television, then you must know about the feature of this Gadget. It has a viewing screen of 41/4' with a resolution of 480*272. The aspect ratio of this pocket television is 16:9 with viewing angle of 60 degrees. It also has an antenna that can be collapsed. With the help of built-in lithium battery, one can view the television for up to 2 hours. With the help of a GPS device, you can easily locate your vehicle in the crowded parking lot. The video camera pen is used in making videos. It can also be used as camera to take the still pictures. It is a camera pen with 1.3 mega pixels that can take up to 20,000 JPEG images and 5 hours AVI video.
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