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Tobacco smoking gives negative effects to the

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-08
What are e-cigs? E-cigs are electronically manufactured cigarettes with microelectronic control and supercritical atomizing technology. They act as an effective substitute to conventional cigarettes. Though they are similar to the conventional cigarettes in their appearance, they never give side effects like tar or chemical hazards. No doubt, they are a no smoke, no ignition and no tar device. But the smokers can relish and satisfy the urging sensation without any side effects of tobacco smoking. Since they leave no gas like carbon monoxide to pollute the air, no law restricts using them in public places. A set of e-cig package consists of one e-cig, two lithium ion batteries, which are rechargeable, one battery charger, one manual, 6 each of high nicotine cartridges, medium nicotine cartridges, low nicotine cartridges and non- nicotine cartridges. The e-cig is made of stainless steel shell, ion battery and microelectronic circuit and an atomizing chamber to hold the e-liquid. Since the LED light on the tip of cigarette ignite on suction by the smoker, they look similar to original cigarette. The nicotine droplets from e-liquid satisfy the urge for nicotine smoke. And it imitates the whole course of smoking. E-cigarettes cultivate a healthy smoking atmosphere and culture among the people. Being the best and effective method to quit smoking, e-cigarettes can be bought easily online from a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer. People who want to quit smoking can follow some a procedure, which is: Start with high density nicotine with the same smoking frequency of tobacco cigarettes, then switch to medium nicotine density with the same frequency. Next, switch between medium and low densities and then, switch over to low density. Gradually, switch over to no nicotine and finally, quit smoking. This way you can quit smoking unconsciously and completely. Some of the features of electronic cigarettes are they have no ignition and devoid of carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals. They cause no smoke and no pollution. The e-liquid contains highly recommended medical grade tobacco alkaloid and the nicotine density in e-cigs is so low that about 20 e-cigs are equal to one tobacco cigarette. So buy environment friendly e-cigs and get the benefit of healthy and happy living.
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