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understanding power supplies and calculating which psu you need for pc gaming

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-25
Another edition of \"Build the Perfect gamer PC\" reappeared power and YouIt.
We\'re going in today-
Discuss the power supply in depth, which is the most important equipment to keep the rig running.
You will think of my analogy from part seven. The Processor)
The processor is the brain of the computer, and the power is the heart.
Apart from the fact that the power supply does not have a physical pump for anything, the power it provides can be seen as something similar to the nutrients the blood provides to the body.
In this way, it is important to pay attention here to something about your computer\'s important system.
Even if we talk about the processor and power supply being the two most important systems in a computer, your computer will be \"bad\" if your hard drive or graphics card is out of function and needs a quick fix to get back to normal.
All this-what exactly is the power supply?
Of course, it\'s not just because it\'s a heavy metal box that you hang behind the computer case to power the pieces of the computer?
In fact, the power supply is actually a simple electrical device.
In order to better understand the role of power supply, let\'s take a look at communication and communication first. DC electricity.
You must have heard of two very famous inventors and scientists, Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison, more than 100 years ago.
Edison is the first person to discover a DC or DC power supply, and Tesla is the first person to actually apply an AC or AC power supply.
In the absence of access to a high level of technology on the physical and engineering parts, the important difference between the two is that the DC power supply is used for a short period of timerange, low-
Voltage necessities (
Like components in a computer)
AC power is used to efficiently transmit high
Long distance voltage (
This is why there is no power plant near your home).
In any case, what happens is that the power company you pay monthly delivers AC power to your home at a voltage of about 120 V (
This is the amount of voltage you run inside the electric plug).
However, since the voltage is usually too high to be actually used in products such as electronics, there needs to be a power supply to switch the AC to DC and provide an effective power supply to the device.
Now let\'s take a look at what the power supply of the computer does.
The power supply inside your computer is currently switching the 120 V voltage that your home\'s main power cord enters to a lower voltage so that the processor and all other devices can overload the power supply without the power supply.
So, what did you find inside the metal housing of the power supply?
A set of diodes, Transformers, etc. are used to achieve rectification effects in order to switch electricity from AC to DC.
The process of doing so requires a large amount of heat to be consumed as a by-product
The product, therefore, the power supply also uses its own conversion system to power the huge fan behind the position where the power plug is located.
Radiators are also quite common, and these devices and power units (PSU)
The attractiveness of itself is much smaller than in earlier calculations.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the power supply\'s role, let\'s talk about the important part-consider what to buy for your gaming platform.
First of all, PSUs is rated (
Completed independently by the development company)
Based on wattage.
This brings us another important consideration-recalling from the physics class that Watt is a measure of the energy used, while the Joules are only a measure of energy.
So when we say the PSU is rated at 1000 W, that means it uses 1000 W in your device.
It is important for PC players to never buy a power supply below 400 W.
The power that your computer can output is important, especially when you consider the number of components you will connect to it.
So I highly recommend that you buy somewhere near 500 to 600 W.
In this way, you can make sure that all components are powered enough.
Next time, I will review the top 5 power supplies in sequence-as usual, this will provide the greatest help for your buck and budget power supplies.
All of this, and more in part 11.
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