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Use method and matters needing attention of car charger!

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-20
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products for the life of people is becoming more and more important, shenzhen car charger output voltage support most of the cars on the market, can charge mobile phone, tablet, vehicle traveling data recorder, etc. , fully compatible. Its appearance using fire retardant PC material, high temperature resistant against electric shock, USB output interface, built-in over voltage, over current and short circuit protection circuit, safe and more reliable! Car charger's method of use: for the choice of car charger, good, of course, is to choose the brand, it is commonly used in car cigarette lighter, commonly used voltage is 10. 5 v - 18 v or 12 v - 24V。 Plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter and the other end of the digital devices, and then observe the on-board charger LED indicator light, the light is entering the charging status. Note that when using in the car, then access to the car charger, because in general, when the car ignition car battery voltage is reduced, can affect the charging effect. Car charger notice: 1. Car charger using general temperature control in the 0 - 45 ℃, best to ban placed car charger in moist or high temperature environment; 2. Car charger in the use of heating phenomenon occurs, usually around 60 degrees is normal phenomenon, is not the charger is damaged; 3. The model of car charger, have 1, 2 a. 1 a, such as charging time length will vary; 4. Away from the children; Avoid lightning; So, for security reasons, must choose normal brand and buy the real thing, inferior products easily happened safe hidden trouble. In addition, when using must be in accordance with the correct method to operate.
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