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Using the AC adapter as a direct power source

by:Fuyuang     2020-06-28
Place your Nintendo DS Lite on a flat surface near a power outlet. Find the AC connector port on the DS Lite. This port is located on the back edge of the machine next to the slot that accepts game cards. Plug the smaller end of the AC adapter into the AC adapter port on the Nintendo DS Lite. The smaller end looks a bit like a USB connector. Plug the other end of the adapter cord into a functioning wall outlet. On the top of the DS Lite, along the right back edge, you will see two LED indicator lights. One light will glow orange when the unit is charging. If you want, open the Nintendo DS Lite and turn on the power. Start gaming or using the PictoChat feature. The battery will charge while you are using the DS Lite, although at a slower rate. When the battery is charged, unplug the AC adapter from the outlet. Now unplug the adapter from the Nintendo DS Lite. Store the adapter cord. Using the AC adapter as a direct power source is recommended if you are playing online with the Nintendo DS Lite's Wi-Fi feature. Wireless activity is very draining on the battery. If you are using the Nintendo DS Lite while it recharges, the recharge time can be as much as an hour longer than normal. If you finish playing before the battery is completely charged, leave the DS Lite plugged in until it is finished charging. Laptop AC Power Adapter Compatibility Laptop computers come with Laptop AC adapters designed specifically for the system. The Power Adapter may operate with other systems as well, but use of an incorrect power source can damage the laptop hardware. Compatibility Each AC Adapter has values for its input and output in terms of voltage and polarity. For the adapter to be compatible with another system, these values must match the power needs of that computer. Reference the system's documentation or its original Power Adapter for specific information on power requirements. Components Most Laptop Adapters come in two parts: a cord that connects to a wall socket and the adapter that connects to the computer. These two components also must be electrically compatible with each other to supply the correct amount of power. Ports Different manufacturers use different ports and hardware configurations with their Laptop Adapters. Even if an AC Adapter is electrically compatible with another system, it may not physically connect due to incompatible port configuration.
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