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by:Fuyuang     2020-06-12
The reality that most of the people still don't know is that the K20D is more affordable to compare to its main rivals even if it has the features of a midrange SLR and the most obvious is the 14.6 mega pixel sensor and its weather-resistant body. Aside from the two main features of the Pentax K20D digital SLR, our Pentax K20D review wants to highlight that it features the Live View mode on its 2.7 inches LCD screen, sensor-shift image stabilization, unique sensitivity along with the aperture and shutter speed priority modes, two different RAW formats, as well as the support essentially every lens ever made by the Pentax. As you purchase the K20D, since it is only available in a body only kit and no lens is included, you can as well get the D-150 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, battery charger, hot shoe cover, body cap, eyecup, shoulder strap, USB cable, video cable, as well as the CD-ROM that features the Pentax Photo Browser along with the Photo Laboratory 282 pages printed manual. Since the previous Pentax K20D review states that there is no lens included in the Pentax K20D digital SLR, the good news is that the Pentax has a lot of options available. If you have any old Pentax glass placing around, they will work best in this camera. In fact, you can as well get image stabilization on all of these lenses given that the K20D has a built-in shake reduction. Apart from the lens which is not included, you can't also find a memory card in the box. But, this is usual to any digital SLR. This camera is compatible to both SD and SDHC format of memory cards. As a result, it is highly recommended to purchase a high speed memory card for maximum performance of the camera. In addition, our Pentax K20D review wants to emphasize that, the same to the predecessor of the Pentax K20D digital SLR, it uses the D-150 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery too. This type of battery boasts a whopping 12 WH of energy, which is one of the highest today. For this reason, the K20D is capable of taking up to 530 shots before it runs out, compare to the 480 shots of its predecessor. Even though it is obviously better than its predecessor, its battery life numbers are, in fact, 20% below the group average. As a result, it is best to pick up an extra battery. More accessories are included in the K20D too, which ranges from focusing screens up to the camera bags. Additionally, the three different software applications are as well included in this camera. Above all, the K20D offers a dimension of 5.6 x 4.0 x 2.8 inches and a weight of 714g, making it a little heavier than the 710g of its predecessor.
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