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What about CFR/CNF of 12v power adapter ?
Please consult our Customer Service concerning the CFR/CNF for specific items. We will clarify the terms and conditions immediately if we begin our discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there's no doubt on what has been agreed upon. Should you have any suspicions on picking Incoterms, our sales experts could help!

Fuyuan Electronic Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer who's particularly good at producing Fuyuang. Fuyuan focuses on providing a variety of battery trickle charger for customers. Modern production technology improves Fuyuang solar dc-dc converter production. The product features the desired safety with fuses installed both ends of the input and output. The product can deliver comfort and long-lasting shock absorption, which effectively helps ease foot fatigue and pain caused by long-time walking and standing. With wide compatibility, the product works perfectly with other devices.

All of our employees are devoted to increasing our influence in this industry. We will keep up with the market trends and offer customers the lowest possible prices with premium quality. We hope by word-of-mouth, our brand will be known by more potential clients.
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