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What are the test method of the power adapter test equipment?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-16
Power comes to home security, so security must be guaranteed. It is also necessary power adapter test! That how to test the power adapter? What are the test method of the power adapter test equipment? We can through a variety of reliability test equipment for testing, such as import EMC tester, high and low temperature boxes, swing tester, salt spray tester, etc. , in order to ensure the performance and quality of the power adapter. Reliability test equipment product testing testing include: 1, high temperature test ( High temperature operation, high temperature storage) ; 2, low temperature test, Run at low temperature and low temperature storage) ; 3, high and low temperature alternating test 4 mechanical vibration test, high temperature and high humidity test 5, 6, mechanical shock test; 7, wire swing test; 8, pins, salt spray test; 9, EMC test, etc. In addition sweet remind each buyer, in order to home security, must choose normal power adapter manufacturers.
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