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What is the difference between adapter and charger?

by:Fuyuang     2020-05-26
What is the difference between adapter and charger? 1, what is the phone charger? Phone chargers are generally buy mobile phone distribution with brand charger, is a kind of electrical accessories, usually the charger is the device converts alternating current to a low voltage dc, now the charger is also a wide range of use areas, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and so on electric appliance, the charger is used power electronic semiconductor devices, is a kind of frequency were not specified the stillness of the alternating current into direct current converter equipment. Charger: English name Charger, usually refers to a converts alternating current to a low voltage direct current (dc) of equipment, the Charger is dedicated for use by the rechargeable battery dc power supply, its interior includes current limit, limit pressure meet the charging characteristics of control circuit, etc. Charger it widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life is widely used in electric vehicles, the common appliances such as a flashlight. It is generally for battery charging directly, not through any intermediary equipment and devices. Processes of charger is: constant current - Constant pressure - A trickle, three hierarchical intelligent charging. Charging theory of three stages in the process of charging can greatly improve the battery charging efficiency, shorten the charging time, and can effectively extend the life of the battery. A three-stage charging use constant current charging, constant voltage charging again, finally USES the floating charge for maintenance. 2, what is the power adapter? Power adapter is a kind of very small electronic equipment and electronic appliances for switching power supply equipment, it has a different way of output and connection mode, power adapter or what we actually said 'travel power adapter'. 3, mobile phone charger and power adapter while the difference between a cell phone charger and power adapter has the same effect, but still a little difference in essence. The charger not only contains the function of the adapter, also contains a conform to the battery charging current, voltage control function. When the battery voltage is insufficient, the charger is in a state of constant current output, after rising when the battery voltage, the output will enter a state of constant pressure, higher again, the charger will enter into the state of protection. The power adapter is a shift to other appliances, are generally constant voltage source output. About 5 v adapter typically provide hundreds of mA dc power supply, to cooperate with charging control circuit ( Such as mobile phone) Can charge. So only the essence difference between the two.
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