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What is the difference between LED the RU and UL logo? _

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-15
What is the difference between LED the RU and UL logo? 1059, 2020 - 05 - 13 09:30:48 for UL certification of different service types we often see different UL certification marks, usually UL marks can be divided into three categories: are UL Listed Listed, UL certification and accreditation Recognized and UL hierarchical Classification three different types of UL marks. We saw in the ac adapter on the name plate for UL listed mark. Let's explain in detail the three specific explanation. Column names in English as: Listed, concise, the column name contains the complete product, the column name complete expressed as: used only for the complete product and qualified personnel in the field replacement or installation of various device or devices. Belong to the UL listed service products are: IT equipment, AV equipment, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, household appliances, medical equipment, computer and business equipment and role in the building of various kinds of electrical appliances and other electrical components. The UL listed products can be labeled on each product UL column name. Final product for marked with UL listed logo, should by UL to test the samples, to make sure it is not in danger of fire and electrical hazards. Recognized in English as: Recognized, concise recognition is contains the spare parts, approved complete expressed as: mainly for components and materials on the implementation of a safety certification. Recognition is a project of UL service service, the identification of product can only be UL listed, classification or other approved products as components, raw materials used. Recognition service recognition of components will be assembled in the finished products, components must conform to the relevant permit conditions to be applied to the corresponding product, so product on the structure is not complete, or have certain restrictions on the use, to ensure the safety of the desired performance. In most cases, the approved product tracking services belong to the R class. Belong to AVLV2 L type approved products are electronic line, processing wire ZKLU2, wiring harness ZPFW2, aluminium wire DVVR2, and the metal flexible pipe DXUZ2. Approved product requirements with a tag. So if form a complete product switch, PCB, transformer, electric wire, plug, plastic material and so on are all to be recognized. Graded English as: Classified, concise classification for the product just a particular hazard evaluation, UL classification services, is in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations, and for commercial or industrial environments such as products of special performance such as risk assessment, or to perform other than UL standard criteria such as: including the internationally recognized standard, such as IEC and ISO standards to evaluate products such as a safety certification program. Grade products are not usually many consumers use the product, grading services mainly for building materials, all kinds of fire protection equipment and Marine equipment, industrial or commercial use products UL marks grading of marks show the product in the UL identification range have certain restrictions and regulations. Such as the solvent for industrial use such chemicals, only reach to its burning temperature to evaluate the possibility of fire this range, the classification of certain goods services and column names is the same, but usually only one or several aspects of the product evaluation, such as in the United States medical X-ray diagnostic instrument equipment to national abide by the laws and regulations on radiation emission and the precision of beam, but because UL classification only X-ray as grade product, so only evaluate its mechanical properties, electrical properties and other non radiation properties of these aspects. UL listed is aimed at final consumers to use the finished product, UL approved mainly for spare parts. Recognition of components are used in the finished product, reduces the cost of the finished product to apply for UL listed certification and shorten the certification period. So UL listed and UL recognized there is a relationship between each other, and UL classification grade products are not usually many consumers use the product, but on the industrial or commercial use of products. Three types of UL marks are used for three different service of products is not can be mixed with each other, or can be considered a counterfeit products, UL service not only on the basis of the United States UL standard, also according to the standard, Canadian cUL, UL marks are divided into for UL and cUL products and both satisfy the three.
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