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What reason causes the lithium battery explosion?

by:Fuyuang     2021-01-04
Power supply manufacturer to explain: what reason causes the lithium battery explosion? 528, 2020 - 10 - 14 15:38:22 brand mobile phone battery itself is a rare problem, there is something wrong with the battery itself more appeared in the refurbished machine or used. Used or refurbished machine in order to save costs, tend to choose in the configuration of mobile phones and lower cost of inferior battery. These batteries cost is low, excessive impurities, design process does not pass, since the explosion risk. Batteries long overcharge: long time charging status, overcharge, over current, also can lead to high temperature and high pressure, and hidden trouble. Lithium batteries in special conditions, such as temperature, humidity and poor contact may cause a lot of current and instantaneous discharge, spontaneous or explosion. Battery short circuit: when the mobile phone in a high temperature state, or hit, metal friction, and so on and so forth, may cause short circuit batteries, an explosion. Charger lead to battery explosion: charging while playing mobile phone, and play while charging will lead to the charging time, charging for long, will cause temperature rise of mobile phone, are more likely to explode. Charger and battery don't deserve: general mobile phones have original charger. Model without causing battery charger is easy to accidents. Apple mobile phone only accepts original charger, so much the reduce the risk of the battery since the outbreak of raw. Temperature: temperature is to point to inside the battery has reached the limit of heat, charging for a long time, high temperature exposure, baking is easy to cause the battery temperature is too high. Winter in southern China, the average family can use the electric oven, a lot of people like playing by the fire in electric oven side edge mobile phone, this is very dangerous. Thermal runaway: lithium ion batteries are in danger of explosion, is due to the battery internal reaction in a process known as 'thermal runaway. 'Thermal runaway' energy is a positive feedback loop process: rising temperatures will lead to system gets hot, raise the temperature system becomes hot, this, in turn, let the system become more hot. All these reasons, such as short circuit batteries, environmental temperature is too high, often overcharge, unauthorized modification of the shell, and so on, will cause the lithium ion battery thermal runaway, could eventually produce fire or explosion. But don't worry too much, your electronic equipment is not a ticking time bomb. As long as reasonable use at ordinary times, lithium batteries will be safe and reliable work. Whenever power down to 50% of the time, you should give it a charge. Lithium ion no memory effect, but the voltage is too low will make them severely damaged.
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