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what to do if your macbook power adapter not working?

by:Fuyuang     2019-12-06
Like all electronic digital products, the Apple MacBook power adapter will eventually stop working due to exposure to extreme weather, excessive bending of wires, or just aging adapters.
The life of AC adapters depends on their usage and is not sure how long the adapter can last.
Below, I will list several ways to check if the adapter has dropped its work. 1.
Check the laptop and the laptop adapter may not be able to supply power because the connection is loose.
Ensure all connectors are inserted accurately.
Also check the case of the adapter.
The laptop adapter usually has an led light that lights up when the adapter supplies power to the laptop.
Your laptop may not be able to get any power if the lights are off.
If this still does not solve the problem, please check the electrical wall socket.
The problem may just be that the power outlet you connect to is not working now.
Change the socket to resolve this issue.
For dc ac adapter for laptop, please check DC-jack.
This adapter must be very suitable.
If you can have your adapter connected at the right angle or position then your DC-
Jack may be broken. 2.
Check the adapter to make sure there is nothing on the Apple power cord, such as a laptop bag, a book, or anything that may reach your power cord.
If there is nothing to bend the cable, check the cable itself.
Consistent bending of the storage adapter may expose the wires in the cable.
This exposure may cause it to stop working properly. 3.
Upgrade BIOS (Basic Input-Output System )
The BIOS of the computer is an application embedded on the motherboard, and for some pc, the BIOS controls the connected hardware.
In this case, it provides an operating system with hardware information and is designed to support a specific range of components.
Outdated BIOS can cause an unknown AC adapter problem.
If this happens, you should visit the Apple website for the latest BIOS update for your MacBook computer.
A new power adapter is required when you have checked the above and the MacBook power adapter is still not working.
It takes an arm and a leg to get an oem ac adapter (
For example, if your laptop is Apple, the Apple AC adapter is an OEM adapter).
After-sales power adapter is the best alternative.
Many of them only spend 1/2 or 1/3 of the OEM, and they work the same way.
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